6 months

This is just a quick update on everything!

Reece turned 6 months old on the 4th of March. He’s getting so big, it’s crazy!

He’s making a lot of chatting sounds and is a little pleasure. Seriously. He’s a dream baby. He sleeps when I want him to. He’s easy to settle. He’s happy doing his own thing, but also loves interaction.

He loves his sister sooo much.

He can’t sit up yet or rolls from his front to his back (he’s done it a few times but I think they were flukes because he’s not doing it consistently).

We started solids this month. He’s not really too happy about he solids at the moment. We’ve tried cereal, sweet potato and carrots. I can’t really say he liked any of them but we are continuing to try!

He’s got two teeth, the two bottom front teeth.

He’s very smiley and happy. He loveeeeeess his nana. He also loves being in an upright position.

He’s pushing himself backwards on his tummy and trying to get up on all fours.

Overall, he’s a pleasure to be around.

Scarlett is doing well too. She’s learning new things every day and just loves to be doing things. She loves reading and any art activities. She is obsessed with play doh and kinetic sand. Drawing has always been a favourite of hers but now she likes to draw things, rather than just squiggles.

She’s in that terrible twos stage still, so lots of tantrums and whinging, but it’s part of her age and most of the time she’s a delight. We mostly get the hissy fits when she is tired and fighting sleep.

I am doing okay. I’ve had a rough week and a half with anxiety. It started the day after I got my period and sort of didn’t let up until the last couple of days, so it went on for just over a week.

This whole process of recovery from postpartum depression and anxiety is just so hard.

Some days are so good and I cling to those days like a mad woman, and other days are so difficult.

On the good days I think positively and I am constantly reminding myself that I can beat this thing and eventually I’ll only have anxiety over really major things, and not just general anxiety that hangs around for ages.

But on the bad days, my brain tells me I’ll never get better, and because I’m vulnerable, I almost believe it.

The other day I was at work and things got a little too much. The anxiety was already high and it just got to be a bit too much. I started crying because I couldn’t help wonder how my life got here. How did someone who used to be so bubbly and (for the most part) happy, turn into this person?

It just got me down.

So the anxiety is still clinging on, but the mood/depression part is all fixed. Of course I have bad days still, but everyone does and that’s just a normal part of human life. I do find that if my anxiety is high, I’m more likely to experience low mood.

My psychologist told me that I’m ready for fortnightly sessions. So for the last 4 weeks that’s what we have been doing. And I don’t know how it’s going.

Of course the recovery process for PPD/PPA is up and down, but I felt like I was mostly stable. The downs were happening far less and they weren’t as bad. Since spacing the therapy out to every 2 weeks, I feel like the downs happen much more frequently. They aren’t bad… well, expect for that week with the period, but overall it’s just a few anxious days then it’s done.

I’m just hoping that maybe by the time Reece is 1 year old, this will be over. Everyone, please keep your fingers crossed for me.

Now, baby spam!

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