Lexapro day 5

Today was the first day at 5mg of lexapro. To be honest, I didn’t quite have the full 5mg as I had a tablet that I had attempted to cut when I had to quarter them and failed, so a small amount was shaved off. I would say I had a good 4mg at least though, more than I’ve been having for sure.

I noticed a few more symptoms today, nothing bad at all though.

Dry mouth. I’ve been thirsty all day.

A small, pressure feeling headache.

A small amount of increased anxiety on and off. I’ve noticed that things I’m anxious over, such as my psychologist appointment tomorrow, heighten my anxiety today to a point where I can’t dull it down like I normally can. It’s not to the point of needing Valium which is awesome, just uncomfortable.

And I’ve felt more agitated. A little less patience. 

Otherwise I’m good!

I’ve realised I’ve not shared much about Reece on here since he was born, so I’m about to do a post dedicated to him 😊


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