Lexapro day 4

Today was a bit of a down day. My mood wasn’t terrible and I haven’t cried yet, I just felt down and disheartened. A little more anxious but nothing too bad. 

I’ve felt really tired today too. 

Tomorrow I increase my lexapro from 2.5mg to 5mg. I’m anxious over how that will go. 

I had hardly any side effects with 2.5mg, and I felt really lucky that I got off so easily. I can’t help but think that doubling that dose is going to make everything worse. 

Sorry about the daily updates too. Writing my thoughts and feelings down everyday seems to help. In my head it’s another step toward recovery, another day over where I’m closer to feeling back to normal.

Once I’ve been on it for one week I’m going to stop daily updates and switch to weekly updates. Unless something big changes, of course.

Keep your fingers crossed for me for tomorrow!


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