Lexapro Day 1

I can’t even tell you the amount of anxiety I had this morning knowing that I had to take another damn SSRI. After the reaction to the Sertraline I was absolutely freaking out. I was a crying mess.

But I did what the pharmacist told me. I took my Valium (only 1/4, mind you, the pharmacist had told me to take 1/2 a tablet and another 1/2 an hour later if I needed it), then I took my 1/4 lexapro.

Then I waited.

About an hour later I noticed a headache. It lingered throughout the day. 

Then… nothing.

Maybe I’ve felt a little groggy today. A little in a haze. But honestly, nothing to complain about.

So maybe this is the one? Or maybe it’s just too early to tell? Perhaps tomorrow I will wake up riddled with anxiety and I’ll be miserable again.  I have to stay positive though. 

Maybe this is the drug that will help me.


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