Can’t catch a break

Yesterday evening I started to get a headache. I thought it may have been from dehydration (which would have been strange because I had been drinking really well all day) so I made sure to drink extra before I went to bed.

I was awoken from the headache at 12:30am but couldn’t take any panadol because there wasn’t enough time between my last dose. So I managed to go back to sleep (eventually) and was awoken again just past 2am.

This time I woke up freezing cold. Like, more cold than I have been in my life. I was shivering despite having the doona over me. I pulled up extra blankets and then suddenly I was so hot I was sweating like crazy. Literally soaked through my PJ’s with sweat. So I kicked the blankets off and was freezing again. And this cycle continued for a little while.

This time the headache was terrible. If I moved my head it was like the headache would get 10 times worse immediately and last for about 5-10 seconds. It was almost like a pounding spasm in my head. Then once it went away it was back to the ‘normal’ headache pain.

So I got up to take panadol, made sure to drink more again, then went back to bed. I woke up at 5:30am from the pain AGAIN and stayed up another half an hour so I was able to take the panadol again.

Scarlett woke up at 8am and getting out of bed was horrible. I feel weak all over. I feel scattered and foggy. And I feel lethargic. Sneezing kills and if I cough it’s pretty painful too.

Seriously!!! Why?! I just recovered from the excruciating abdominal pain and now I have to be sick? What do I even have? I know I’m not dehydrated because I drank 3 litres yesterday! Is this a flu thing? How long does it take to get rid of flus and/or colds?

Because my c section date is in 9 days. Yup. We are down to single digits and I am so sick I can hardly move. Mum has taken over full responsibility of Scarlett because even standing to change her nappy makes me almost pass out. 

Oh my lord I feel terrible.


4 thoughts on “Can’t catch a break

    1. I’m feeling very slightly better today, but that may have something to do with the codeine I ended up taking about 10 hours ago. I am feeling super hot today though and it’s not even a hot day. Yet my temperature is actually slightly low, so go figure! 😅
      I haven’t called my doctor yet because I’m scared they are going to want to deliver him early. They have made it very clear that they won’t do a spinal if I am sick, which means I’ll be put under general for the c section. Since I had such a bad experience with birth the first time round, it would have been nice to have been awake and experience it. I do have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow though, so I will mention it if I’m still feeling crappy. Hopefully they will be on my side and figure that HOPEFULLY in 8 days this will have passed!


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