Since I got home 2 days ago things have been improving, thank god!

Wednesday the pain was excruciating and by Thursday the doctors had given me the strong pain relief so the pain had dulled but not gone away.

Yesterday I woke up and the pain was so much less! It really only hurt to do movements, for example, rolling over in bed, trying to sit down or standing up after sitting, twisting my body around, stretching to grab something or walking for long periods of time. I took the strong pain relief at 5am Friday morning then didn’t take anything the rest of the day because the pain was manageable. Still there, but nothing terrible and when it was painful, I was able to manage it.

I did take normal panadol before bed because rolling over still hurt, so I hoped it would just dull the pain, and it did.

This morning I’ve woken up and the pain is even better- mostly gone really! It catches when I roll or do the things I mentioned above, but I literally haven’t taken any pain relief because I just don’t need it. I still can’t pick up Scarlett because it really hurts then, so I’m still taking it easy and getting to to climb into her change mat or getting someone to lift her for me. My mum has been amazing and even offered to do a few nappy changes which helped a lot!! She hasn’t had a bath in a few days with all the drama and mum has also offered to bath her for me because the bending and lifting will be too hard (showering myself requires me to sit down for 20 minutes after to get rid of the shooting pains in my stomach and legs!).

The good news is, I don’t have influenza A! The doctors called and confirmed it but said that they are still running the other tests to try and determine the cause. I don’t have a temperature now so the doctors think it may have been a very short lived virus and he temperature that I had all day Wednesday may have been enough to eliminate it, which means we will never know what it was.

If all the bacterial cultures show nothing then that’s what they are going to assume it is. They told me if anything came up that they would call me. I’m assuming that nothing grew because they haven’t rang me to let me know. I do have a follow up on Wednesday with an OB so maybe they are waiting until then? Although, if it was bacterial you would also think they would want to put me on antibiotics? Maybe because the symptoms are gone they are happy to leave it? Or nothing grew. Either way.

But I’m feeling better and glad he didn’t get pulled out early. Seriously, I thought I had everything ready and it just showed me how much more I had to pack. For example, my camera was flat and I wasn’t going to charge it until the day before the c section so that I had fresh batteries all ready to go. Well, I would have been screwed if something happened. It didn’t even cross my mind! 

And simple things that you can’t pack until the last minute that you need like underwear and your toothbrush.

Anyway, I’m getting on top of those things now, luckily!!


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