36 week growth scan

My last growth scan was today!

Reece was moving around like crazy before and during the scan, probably due to the milkshake I drank before my appointment 😂

He’s still measuring right on the 90th percentile. He apparently is measuring in at 37w6d, today I am 36w2d. His estimated weight is 3181 grams (+/- 500 grams).

He is head down and facing the right direction! He is so low that he is fully engaged and ready to go. My cervix measured 2.74cm (no idea what that means in relation to anything else!).

I’m really finding it hard to believe that he’s going to be big. The way I look at it is that Scarlett was born 1 week overdue at 3.64kg. She was an average size baby.

He’s going to be born a week and a half sooner than she was born. 

If he’s gained just under a kilo in 4 weeks, I estimate he will gain maybe another 600-700 grams. If the weight today was exactly right, he’s only going to be 3.7-3.8kg, which is not a big baby by any means! It’s just over 8 pounds!!

Everyone kept telling me to return all his newborn clothes because he will never fit in them, but it seems it was just scare tactics! Scarlett was in newborn clothes for a month before we changed her over into 0-3 month clothes.

In saying that, I did just get out after seeing the OB again. This time it was a different OB then what I had been seeing. She was absolutely lovely, and we were chatting about the ultrasound given that it was just done this morning.

She asked me if he feels bigger than my daughter and I was like ‘no, honestly if I didn’t have growth scans I would bet my first born that he was smaller than her’. 

She sort of gave me a weird look then checked the computer. She reviewed Scarlett’s growth ultrasounds and her birth record and explained that she just wanted to compare everything. After she checked everything she told me that Scarlett definitely always measured smaller than Reece. She said that Scarlett always measured bigger, but not as big as what he is measuring. 

She had a feel of him in my stomach and told me that she thinks I’m going to be surprised by his weight. She said that of course feeling him in my stomach isn’t a super accurate way to tell if he’s a bigger baby. BUT she said in her experience, the size of the baby that she is feeling is quite big, and usually they don’t FEEL this big until 39-40 weeks. 

She said pairing the growth ultrasound results with the examination tells her that he is actually going to be a bigger baby, and that bigger sometimes just means tall.

I did tell her that his dad is 194cm tall and Scarlett is (and always was) tall. She said that sometimes the growth ultrasounds mistake size because a foetus is tall, but not necessarily big. She said that obviously she can’t distinguish between fat or stomach size for example, but to prepare myself for a bigger baby.

She also told me that if I haven’t already, I should pack my hospital bags. I told her I packed them last week and apart from a few last minute things (like chargers and my camera), we are all set to go. 

I asked her why she mentioned my hospital bag and she commented that typically second babies don’t engage until just before labour, or even more commonly, during labour. The fact that Reece is already fully engaged and my cervix is ‘shortening’, I may not make it to my c section date.

I was like ‘NO NO NO NO we will make it to the c section date, he is NOT coming early, he is NOT allowed to’.

She just laughed at me.

I don’t feel like he is going to come early though. However, it has prompted me to go home and charge all my batteries and put them in the bag JUST IN CASE.

We are exactly 3 weeks away from c section day. How absolutely crazy is that? I’m going to have a newborn in 3 short weeks!!!


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