36 weeks

Yesterday I turned 36 weeks! Can you believe I have only 3 weeks until he’s here? That’s it, just three weeks! Unless he decides to come sooner, but considering how far over I went with Scarlett, I doubt he will.

I’m actually feeling pretty good if I’m honest. I remember that I was SO uncomfortable at this stage of pregnancy with Scarlett. I felt like she had no room and that everything was crowded. I constantly felt out of breath and that my organs were pushing all the way up to my throat. It felt like everything was being pushed on constantly and that it was not possible for Scarlett to get any bigger.

I put my recliner chair away at this point last time so that I could lay on the couch of a night because I just couldn’t sit comfortably. Ever. The only time I was even slightly comfortable was when I was laying down.

This time around, I don’t really feel uncomfortable at all. I can sit without issues and sleeping is a breeze (when Scarlett allows!). The only time I feel uncomfortable is when he stretches out and gets in my ribs, but that usually only lasts a few minutes then it’s over.

I am having a lot of pain though. It’s ligament pain and usually around my lower abdomen, right where my legs meet my stomach. And cervical pain when he pushes down on it. Sometimes it’s so sharp that I fall over because my legs just… give way. The doctor thinks it’s all normal and fairly typical of a ‘big baby’.

But that’s the thing, I really don’t think he’s all that big!

Surely if he was measuring bigger than Scarlett, it would reflect how I felt, right? Scarlett measured slightly bigger, but absolutely never in the 90th percentile (as Reece did at 32 weeks). And with Scarlett I was so uncomfortable constantly from about 35 weeks.

If he’s measuring bigger, how is it possible that I’m not feeling it? Honestly, if it weren’t for the pain, I think I could keep going with this pregnancy for at least another 10 weeks! It really is a breeze, other than the pain.

I do have another growth scan tomorrow so it will be interesting to see what he’s measuring. I’m suspecting that he just had an early growth spurt and has evened out, because I just can’t believe he’s measuring huge and I’m feeling so comfortable all the time. I’m also not all that big. I mean, I am big! My belly is big, but nothing huge. Here’s a comparison from 4 weeks to 36 weeks:

And my stomach is measuring 3 weeks bigger, but I’m also overweight so that’s a factor.

I am going to be surprised if he’s much bigger than what Scarlett was. In fact, Scarlett was 3.64kg (8 pounds) at birth, which was at 41 weeks.

I seriously think he may even be smaller than her because he’s coming at 39 weeks and 2 days.

I guess I just can’t fathom how he could be bigger than her yet I’m feeling so comfortable within myself.

Anyway, otherwise, my feet and legs have started swelling. Nothing major, but I do have a slight case of kanckles now.

I’ve also officially gained weight this pregnancy. If everyone remembers, I started at X kilograms then lost almost 6kg. I’ve been slowly putting it back on, but within the last month my weight has just skyrocketed! I’m now at the weight I started, in fact, I’m 100grams over it. So this pregnancy I’ve (so far) officially put on 100 grams.

I know that number will climb though because it climbed at this time with Scarlett. Unfortunately with Scarlett, I was still under my starting weight st the end. This time I have gone over my starting weight. But that’s expected I guess!

I’m starving constantly! But when I eat I almost never finish my food because I get full quickly. Which means I’m starving within an hour after I’ve eaten!

My hair is growing so slowly! I love it! I only have to shave my legs (yes! I can still bend to shave my legs without an issue at 36 weeks) once a week because it’s growing that slowly!

Otherwise, things are good. I’ll update again after tomorrow’s growth ultrasound. Exciting times ahead!


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