28 week OB appointment

Today was my appointment with my OB.

She made sure the gestational diabetes test results were back. They were, and they are great! No more yucky syrupy drink for me!

My thyroid levels are great too, I have to have them rechecked at the end of august.

My iron is low, which may be why I’m feeling so out of breath and tired. So she wants me an an additional supplement to bring that number back up!

I asked her about the possibility of an early induction to prevent tearing.

Nope. She wasn’t hearing a word of it. She believes that inductions in themselves cause tearing, which can lead to pelvic floor issues. She said that if I wanted a vaginal birth, we just wait until I go into labour. Problem is, Reece is already measuring big. She estimates (from the 27 week growth scan) that he could top the scales at just under 4 kilos! That’s massive. And there is no way known I could push that out and recover from it.

A point she made that was interesting is that even if I have a vaginal delivery and don’t tear, I can still damage my pelvic floor muscles from the straining. Sure, they won’t be cut into, but they can get damage to them that will make things worse in the long run.

She still reccomended a c section. With all the logic she has given me and from what I have read online, I think a c section is the better way to go.

So I told her to book it. Of course, I won’t get a date or time until later in the pregnancy, likely between 34-36 weeks, but it will very likely occur in my 39th week. This way, it doesn’t matter how big he gets, it won’t ruin me for life.

My major concerns with a c section were:

1.) the recovery time (especially as a single mum)

We discussed this and she basically said that most people feel back to normal within 4-6 weeks following a c section. She said that provided I don’t get an infection, usually the only sign that you will have that you had a c section at 8 weeks is a scar. At least it isn’t life long with ten months of physio!

2.) the time spent in hospital

I hate hospitals. They make me anxious, which is made worse by the fact I can’t sleep. Especially in a maternity ward with screaming babies. I want to go in and have my c section done, then IF I can walk, shower, Pee and pick up my baby, I want to leave the next day.

My doctor agreed to this, that if I can walk, manage my pain, Pee and pick up Reece, she will sign off to let me go home.

3.) being told I’m not allowed to have my birth photographer in theatre when Reece is born

This is a big thing for me. I understand that they don’t like more than one person in the operating room at a time, but if I was in a birth suite I could have up to 10 people plus medical staff. I’ve essentially been told there is no other option for me, which leaves me in an operating room.

I’ve paid nearly $2000 for a birth photographer. The point is, she was hired to shoot my birth. I’m not wanting photos of them cutting me open or photos of the gaping hole in my stomach. I want photos of my baby coming out. I want to see the expression on my face when I first see him. I want to remember his expression when he first saw me. I want to see them drying him off and I want to see when he is wrapped in a blanket for the first time.

I want to see his fresh, swollen newborn face, because we all know how quickly their face changes. 

And above all that, I want evidence that I went through all that just to have him in this world. That not only did I go through round upon round of IVF and endure a miscarriage, I rocked his birth and brought him life the only way my body could. And in 5 years time when he asks me how he was born, I’ll have photographic proof of how it happened- minus the gory photos!

My OB understands this and wants me to write a letter that she can give to all the senior staff to try to make it happen. She also wants one from my photographer too.

So we will see how that goes! Im hopefully going to write my letter over the next few days, so that I have plenty of time to edit it and change what I want.

But the c section is a go!



4 thoughts on “28 week OB appointment

  1. I think you should expect to need a lot of help for at least 2 weeks but plan to take it easy for a full 6 weeks or more. The thing with any surgery is that if you’re sensible it will get slowly better day by day so that’s a good thing. If you have people helping you lift things and cook/clean for you then you’ll be totally fine. Also painkillers are wonderful!! Don’t be afraid to take them!!


  2. Good luck with c-section. We are almost making it to the finishing line. (34w +1) I’m very intrigued by your story. How did you realize you wanted to go through all TTC process as a single mum in the first place?

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    1. Congratulations! Your Bub will be here in no time!

      When I was 15 I realised I hadn’t had a period in over a year. My doctor decided that it could have just been teenage hormones and the fact I had lost quite a lot of weight that year, so told me to wait another 6 months and if nothing happened to come back.
      Well, 6 months later I still hadn’t gotten a period so the doctor decided to run heaps of tests. I had ultrasounds and a series of blood tests and the results showed a variety of problems:
      -polycystic ovarian syndrome
      -a bicornurate uterus
      -and a low egg count.
      Apparently the egg count was equivalent to a 40 year old, so she wanted me to wait 2 years and have it re tested.
      I went back two years later and it had halved. It was now equivalent to a 50-60 year old and I was officially pre-menopausal.
      She told me if I wanted to have children, it’s something I needed to consider straight away.
      I was only 18 at this point and still in high school. I didn’t have a boyfriend (me and my long term boyfriend had just split up) and it was all very overwhelming.
      I decided that I wanted to go to uni and get my life started, and if that meant giving up my life long dream of children, so be it.
      But that first year of university I struggled. I knew I would prefer children over anything and couldn’t comprehend why I was choosing to study over a child… especially when I could study and continue my education later in life. Education could wait, children could not.
      So I went back to my GP again when I was 20. I got her to test my egg levels again, and they had dropped again (but not halved, which was great!). She referred me to a fertility specialist so that I could get all my options.
      My specialist was great. She looked over all my records and then did tests of her own. She estimated that I wouldn’t have any eggs left by the time I was 25 and menopause would likely begin at about 24 years old.
      She told me that if I wanted kids, I needed to think about it NOW.
      Of course, she told me about egg freezing and surrogacy, but I don’t have anyone who would ever volunteer to be a surrogate for me and there is no agency in Australia that finds them.
      So after some thought, I decided to get on the kid train and try! I knew I wanted children and even if I could only have 1, that would be enough. I started with IUI’s. my first was successful, but I miscarried pretty early on. I then went through 2 more, they both failed. I then moved onto IVF, and the first cycle only gave me 1 mature egg and 1 lousy embryo. The embryo was terrible quality so it was no surprise when it didn’t implant. The second ivf cycle was much more successful and I ended up with 2 5 day embryos. One was sluggish and slow to grow, so we transferred the good one and that’s what got me my daughter. It took just over a year to get her.
      After I had my daughter I was sure I was finished having children. But then the newborn phase passed and things got much easier. I went back to have my levels checked and my egg supply was almost at a 0, which meant that menopause could be only months away.
      I decided that I wanted a sibling for my daughter, so I had the other embryo transferred. It was successful, but I miscarried that one too.
      So i went through another cycle of IVF. It had the same outcome as before, except the 2 embryos I ended up with both looked great, and were right on track!
      I transferred one (which is my baby boy currently growing), and had the other one PGD tested and frozen. It is genetically healthy.
      I am pretty sure I am done after 2 children. They will already outnumber me and I’m more than grateful I even got to have 2 children.
      I guess my decision to do it on my own came down to what I wanted. Growing up, when people would ask me what I wanted to be when I was older, I always answered ‘a mummy!’. Realising that the dream of motherhood could be ripped away from me was terrifying. Especially since I had done nothing wrong to make it that way. And what was even harder was accepting that I was never going to have kids and never even got the chance to try. And the thoughts kept circling in my head about how I’m going to feel in 20 years time when everyone that I went to school with and all my friends have kids, and I didn’t even give it a chance. Because I had the knowledge that I was going to become completely infertile, so if I didn’t attempt to have a baby, that was a conscious decision on my behalf. And I just couldn’t stand that thought. I knew I had to try, and if it didn’t work, I could say I did everything I could to make it happen.
      I know it’s different, but I’ve always been taught to chase my dreams and do everything in my power to get what I want. I gave up my life savings, I gave up the drinking and partying days of my early twenties, just so that I could be a mother. And it was the best decision ever 😊

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      1. That’s very mature of you to foresee at such an early time. I, myself never wanted to be a mother until a year ago. I totally believe that there’s a biological clock that places mother instinct at a time for every women amazingly. If someone told me that I’d like to be a mom a year ago, I’d just laugh. Life is amazing. AND, duh I’m 32w + 1 but I’m so utterly obsessed with the thought of 34 weeks that I wrote it wrong πŸ™ˆ 2 weeks left to set c-section date for me🌚πŸ”ͺπŸ˜‚


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