27 week scan

I had another scan yesterday and oh boy. This baby has either gone through an early growth spurt or I’m in for a world of pain.

You know how I said that I’ve been uncomfortable and struggling to breathe? Well, that’s because he has his bottom tucked into my ribs and his feet pressing outwards!!

He is head down though, so in a better position than last time. Technically he is posterior, not that we start to worry about that yet. Scarlett was posterior and she came out.. I won’t say ‘came out fine’ because my vagina suffered! Anyway, he has plenty of time and room to move.

His head is measuring 30w2d. He is 27w2d. That means his head is over the 99th percentile.

His overall weight is estimated as 1185grams, which is in the 80th percentile. 

He is long!!!! Measuring 30 weeks exactly. Scarlett was always long though, especially since their dad is 6 and a half foot (just under 200cm).

Anyway, he is chunky. He has these super cute cheeks and lips. I’m obsessed.

He looks so much like Scarlett. It’s scary.

The same nose and lips and face shape. We did a 4D ultrasound really quickly at the growth scan and I was shocked. I don’t have a good photo of Scarlett’s 3D pictures, which is a shame, but just comparing their features from this photo is scary!

The nose is literally identical. And the cheeks. And the lips. It’s going to be so interesting to see how he looks once he comes out.

Anyway, I have my appointment with my OB next Wednesday and I’m going to chat with her about an early induction. Although, I’m not sure how that’s going to go if his head is already 3 weeks ahead? I may need a c section regardless. But we shall see! In the meantime, how cute is he?

Little Reece ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


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