26 weeks

I can’t believe I’m 26 weeks already! Well, technically today I’m 26 weeks and 2 days.

I feel like I’m getting bigger by the day. Small things like rolling out of bed or sitting up are becoming much harder, which is strange because I don’t remember having these issues with Scarlett until I was about 32-33 weeks pregnant.

I’ve been looking back at old posts to remember things about Scarlett’s pregnancy. In particular, I was trying to figure out from what time she was head down, because so far I’m only feeling kicks really low and every ultrasound he has been breech. Turns out, Scarlett didn’t turn to head down until between 28-30 weeks, so still a few weeks to go. Even still, I know they can move around up until 36 weeks… or at least that’s where the doctors start to get concerned.

I’m still really emotional and little things really tick me off. We are currently on a family holiday on a houseboat in Mildura.

While it’s lovely, my family can be really nasty. I have brought my own snacks because I don’t like the ones that the others have brought. I’m happy to share mine with everyone but I have gotten so many nasty comments about me being a ‘princess’ or a ‘baby’ because I won’t eat the other snacks. 

Just simple things like not eating the soft cheeses (because they are dangerous for Reece!!) is getting me ridicule and more nasty comments.

As I’ve explained here before, this pregnancy I’m having a lot of trouble with food. It’s not that I can’t eat anything specifically, but if someone suggests something and my body says no, I just can’t eat it.

Last night everyone decided to have a BBQ. I have been eating BBQ meat my entire pregnancy, but yesterday I took one bite of my sausage and nearly vomited. So I politely put it to the side of my plate and ate my salad and vegetables. 

Oh my god, the comments I got about not eating the sausage. I was an ungrateful bitch because I didn’t eat the food that was prepared for me and after about 10 minutes, I just decided to eat the fucking sausage.

I spent the next 3 hours throwing up. Until the point came that there was nothing in my stomach anymore, but yet I kept dry heaving.

Then I felt a gush down below, and when I looked, I had a gush of dark brown blood.

I’m guessing it’s from the SCH because Reece is still moving without any issues. But it’s not like I can even go get checked.

I walked out to my family later, still feeling sick and said ‘do you fucking believe me now? I’m NOT doing this on purpose!!’.

They all nodded their heads but not one person said sorry for their comments.

Then just before, i wasn’t hungry so I decided to skip lunch and have a shower. I’m in my room and brushing my teeth and I hear my aunt ask where I was.

My mum then replied ‘she doesn’t want to eat lunch because we had this yesterday’.

What. The. Fuck.

I’m not eating because I’m not hungry. It has nothing to do with what we ate yesterday for lunch or what I do or don’t like. 

If my own mum doesn’t believe me or understand what I’m going through, who the hell will?

It’s just frustrating because I’ve explained this to her 10000000 times. She has seen first hand how I eat something, then I can’t eat it next time otherwise I vomit.

And yet she obviously believes I’m doing it on purpose too.

I’m just ready to not be so emotional again. I feel like when I get pregnant I get very sensitive and my strong outer shell just fades away. Normally I can handle nasty comments, but when I’m pregnant I just cry.


1 thought on “26 weeks

  1. Chantelle, those comments are horrendous!! I’m so angry for you that anyone would treat you like that… Least of all your family!

    I hope for your sake your not stuck in such a hurtful environment much longer!!

    Big hugs to you and baby Reece xx


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