Natural vs. C-section- which way do I go?

So today I was at work and a lady came rushing in with her dog. He was bloodied and she quickly told me he had been hit by a car. She was simply devastated so while the vet and another nurse worked on him, I calmed her down and we began to chat.

Her dog made it! But he is in critical condition and will be in hospital for 1-2 weeks.

Eventually she regained composure (the poor thing) and we got chatting. She was telling me that her other dog is due for vaccines in October and she has decided that because we gave her such good service, that she wanted to start coming to our vet clinic on a permanent basis. She asked what days I worked because she wanted to come on a day I was working. 

I told her that I won’t be working in October and she asked me why. I told her that I will be on maternity leave.

We started talking and it turns out, she is a midwife at a private hospital in the city.

I was telling her how I needed a c section due to severe tearing during my first birth and how the doctor thinks it will get worse this time around.

She looked at me like my head had been removed and pasted on backwards.

She told me that if I hadve had all 4th degree tears then yes, she could understand, but not with majority 3rd degree tears. 

She explained there are ways to prevent tearing and the fact that Scarlett was posterior certainly did not help. She said that usually tearing is much less with a subsequent birth.

She said that at her hospital, if they think the baby is going to be on the larger side (which so far he has been measuring anywhere between 1-2 weeks ahead) they will induce the mother between 38-39 weeks to get the baby at the slightly smaller size and to therefore prevent tearing.

None of this was ever even offered to me. There wasn’t even a mention of another option! The doctor told me it was either c section or I will tear worse than last time, no exceptions.

Of course, maybe she never said anything because the hospital I’m giving birth at might not offer an earlier induction to prevent tearing. But still, if it’s a valid option, and they would have taken the baby out at the same time anyway, why not?

Of course, there are good and bad points for both.

Negative natural points:

  • I could tear again or worse with a natural birth and have severe permanent damage
  • It’s unpredictable in terms of time so it would be hard to organise care for Scarlett since my mum is coming into the room with me (unless they induced me and gave me a date)

Positive natural points:

  • Possibly less recovery time
  • Lacey (my birth photographer) would guaranteed be allowed in the room with me
  • I could be in and out of the hospital much quicker with a natural birth
  • I would be in pain when I get the epidural so I wouldn’t care about getting it as much, like last time

Negative c-section points:

  • Long recovery
  • Possible infections
  • Difficulty getting around with a toddler and newborn
  • Less mobility 
  • I wouldn’t be able to pick my toddler up
  • Lacey may not be able to come into the operating room with me so I may have wasted $1900 and never get birth photographs 
  • Long hospital stay

Positive c-section points:

  • Planned date and time
  • I will know what to expect in terms of the operation and recovery time
  • Scarlett will have prearranged care
  • I have somewhat more control over everything so I feel more in control

That’s all I can think of at the moment.

I just don’t know which way to go. I’m obviously wanting to try natural birth again if I can, I just don’t want to do any more damage to my pelvic floor. I don’t want a colostomy bag at 24 years old and I don’t want to pee myself any more than I already do (which is usually after a cough or sneeze!).

But then again, if I can get out of major abdominal surgery, I’m inclined to take that route.

I have to talk to my OB when I see her in 3 weeks time.

In an ideal world, they would agree to induce me on a certain date (between 38-39 weeks), I have him, then I’m back at home by the next night.

You have no idea how much anxiety I have over the idea of having to spend more than one night in hospital. I don’t like spending time in there and I can’t imagine it even more so now that I have Scarlett.

So I’m going to present these points to my doctor. If she has a problem with inducing me, I’m going to ask why. Why would you have a problem inducing me at the same time that you would perform a c section on me? My baby will be delivered the same day, just by a less invasive way.

What is everyone else’s opinions?


14 thoughts on “Natural vs. C-section- which way do I go?

  1. In general vaginal delivery would be my recommendation. Other pros are that passing through the birth canal helps clear their lungs, and exposes them to good flora for their guts. One point about inductions: if your body isn’t ready to go into labor, it can take a really long time. Don’t expect to be back home the next night no matter your birth plans – we made the mistake of assuming Leah would have a home birth and that Darwin would be ok with it, and didn’t plan her part and place or prep her well in her sister’s birth. It’s my only minor regret from that experience.

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    1. You make a good point about the other benefits in terms of vaginal delivery.
      And wow! Okay, I didn’t realise that about inductions. How do you know if your body is ready for labour? Is it similar to if your cervix is dilating or softening?
      And good point about the coming home. I know anything could happen and even if we attempted induction, I could still end up with a c section. So I’m not counting all my chickens before they hatch just yet πŸ˜„ I am looking forward to a good talk with the OB in a few weeks! Thanks lovely. I appreciate all your helpful info!

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  2. I was going to comment that an induction can take a long time if your body isn’t ready to labor. Mine took 5 days, although that isn’t the norm.

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    1. Wow! I didn’t realise that was a possibility! I don’t really know how you tell if your body is ready for labour. Do you think it’s something a doctor could tell me? Did they say why yours took 5 days? How did you handle it?


      1. They can usually tell based on how effaced and dilated got are. My induction took so long because I was 37 weeks and only being induced for pre eclampsia. It was exhausting and sometimes a little defeating but ultimately I felt really glad they tried so hard to get me a vaginal delivery

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      2. Wow! Okay that makes sense. So maybe it’s something we would have to assess closer to the time.
        Good on you for going through that for 5 days! I’m impressed! Sorry that you had to put up with it for so long though, like you said though, it was great that they attempted it.


  3. Obviously I have no experience in birth or delivery haha! But its SO interesting that she’s put this other perspective on for you! Guess it depends what your current hospital’s priority is! But generally – induction from 37 weeks here in NZ is the norm and perfectly fine. Gives you something to think and talk about anyway, Interesting – I feel like you and this lady were meant to meet! Obviously she loves you guys, and you had a good discussion with her. (not good circumstances for doggy of course though). Is her hospital local to you? Or are you stuck at your current one?

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    1. Exactly!! I feel the same way. After I’ve thought harder about it, why didn’t my OB mention these other possibilities? I’m so shocked, especially since it’s a public system and a c section would cost them a lot more than an induction. Why not give me every option before telling me I would need a c section? I don’t know, it’s just very weird to me. But certainly something I’m going to bring up to her. I understand that an induction may not be ‘natural’, but neither is a c section and recovery for a natural birth is usually much better than a c section. Plus, if the plan was to take the baby out at 38 weeks, let’s try that, but let’s induce me instead! Of course I could still end up with a c section, but it would only be after we have given other alternatives a try.
      Her hospital is actually nearly 2 hours away from me. Not including traffic! And since Scarlett’s birth was so quick, could you imagine if I went into labour and had to get there? I would probably end up giving birth in my car!!
      I just don’t see why we can’t try vaginal birth. I don’t feel like it would be worse than last time, and I have slightly more control over everything this way. I just need to be firm with her and tell her what I want.
      It’s not like I’m asking to be induced at 35 weeks, I’m asking to be induced anywhere after 37 weeks, ideally 38 weeks! I’m going to be giving birth to a full term baby regardless, just maybe a slightly smaller baby who will give me less of a chance of tearing!
      I do wonder what the difference is though, if I gave birth at 38 weeks vs 41 like last time. How much weight do you think a fetus gains in those last 3 weeks?


      1. Hmm thats probably not too good of an idea then, haha!! Bit of a long drive πŸ˜‚Well, generally when they do an induction – they’re softening things up a lot more too!! And they could always give you an episiotomy, surely – to give you a bit of a cleaner cut if you were going to tear. Still not pleasant, but again – neither is a c section! From 37 weeks, baby generally just puts on weight anyway! Everything is ready to go otherwise. I’d be interested to hear what your dr says, if they want to keep to the plan or are open to suggestion!


  4. As far as I read, induction is no good for baby. To arrange a date, you receive extras, the womb gets contractions in an unnatural speed than natural one, there it can affect baby’s routine -mostly heart- badly.
    So in my head, it’s either going labor all natural without setting an exact date or c-section with arranged date.
    And there at point πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ, I don’t see myself capable enough to handle natural vaginal birth so I’m going for c-section with my birth plan.

    I will be a first time mum and I don’t know what to expect from vaginal birth though. I’m sure you will decide easier as you have an experience! Good luck πŸ‘πŸ»

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  5. This is such a hard decision that I have no advice for you. I wanted to wish you luck in making it, and please seek out more opinions to help you get there. Good luck whichever way you go!


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