23 week ultrasound and updates

Yesterday I had the second attempt at an anatomy scan. It went a lot better than the first! And I’m super happy to let everyone know, the ultrasound went without a problem between myself and the sonographer.

She made no nasty comments towards me about weight or anything of the like. We were chatting the whole way through and just generally got along great!

The only ‘problem’ (and it’s such a small thing that I feel really stupid writing it down) is that I was promised a 3D photo of him. She did one but you can’t make out any of his features. When I asked if we could try it one more time, she stated that she didn’t have time and the sonographer can try it next time. I was a little bummed about it, but looking at the one I got, it isn’t too bad. You can sort of see a face, and where the eyes are, and the lips. Maybe a slight fragment of a nose?

This is the same photo, one in colour (with the mouse) and one in black and white (without!).

Anyway, all is good with baby! He is measuring slightly ahead, but nothing dramatic. He has long legs, which I sort of expected given how tall the donor is and how tall Scarlett was.

My next ultrasound is 4 weeks away now so that’s exciting! It’s just a growth scan so it will be super short.

In terms of me, im starting to get uncomfortable. Yes, already! I don’t remember feeling uncomfortable with Scarlett until I was about 30 weeks. I can’t imagine how I’m going to feel at 38 weeks! Lol!

I’m superrrrrrrrr tired. Constantly. All the time. I can sleep for a solid 8 hours, Scarlett will wake me up and I’m ready for a nap an hour later. I also don’t remember being this exhausted with Scarlett, but maybe because he is my second child it’s taking more of a toll?

My emotions are all over the shop. I’m irritable constantly and I’m sure I’m not fun to be around.

My pet peeves are really getting to me as well. I can’t stand it when people eat with their mouth open. My dad has a bad habit of doing so. Honestly, it sounds like a cow is eating at the table and the noise just churns my stomach. I’ve kept quiet about it but it drives me bananas and I’m not sure how much longer I can tolerate it. He doesn’t do it all the time, which is maybe more annoying because he CAN eat with his mouth closed, he just doesn’t sometimes.

He also has a bad habit of talking once he has had a mouth full of food.

I can’t even tell you how many times he’s taken a bite, started talking and spat food from his mouth onto my food.

Last night it happened, and I started crying. Like,  not just small, silent tears, but sobbing. Because there was a giant fucking slab of half chewed food on top of my dinner and I just couldn’t eat it anymore. I was tired and hungry and I had only had one bite, and then I couldn’t eat it anymore. 

I ended up just eating chocolate later and that filled the void. My dad never apologised or anything, he just laughed when it happened.

And this is what I’m talking about. Here I am bitching about my dad online because he spat food onto my plate. I’m just constantly irritated and it’s like I can’t let things go like I could before.

Anyway, I’m waiting at an ultrasound place now. I know, another ultrasound. But I signed myself up to be a pregnant patient model. This company pays you to be able to ultrasound you a few times while you’re pregnant! I am all for the idea! So I may have some more photos to post. Or maybe I won’t. I guess you can only see so many profile shots before they all look the same, lol!!


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