18 weeks

This post was written a while back. I haven’t had the chance to post it! 
Today I am 18 weeks and 5 days pregnant. This week has been good and bad.
Remember how just last week I said that I hardly felt him move and I thought that I should be feeling him regularly by now? Well, this week has recitified that. And in fact, a few times I have felt him from the outside.

He hates when I touch my belly when he kicks though. He immediately stops kicking until I remove my hand. Literally, this has happened every single times I’ve tried to feel it!

I think the reason for feeling this movement is because I’ve been sick this week, so I’ve been sitting/resting more than usual.

It started at 18 weeks and 1 day, I woke up with cold like symptoms. Sore throat. Runny/blocked nose. Tired.

Within 2 days it progressed to a chesty cough, green phlegm, lethargy, sore ears, headaches, and a feeling like someone is sitting on my chest.

I wasn’t sure if this was something to worry about, especially being pregnant, so I saw the doctor who said my chest was clear, but was puzzled about the green phlegm. I even coughed it up and showed him.

He said that regardless, he was going to give me antibiotics because if it’s green it usually means infection- but he had no idea where the infection was or if it was bacterial or viral. He basically told me to take the antibiotics and if it doesn’t clear up, to assume it’s viral and to wait it out. Greatttt.

Today is the first day in 2 days that I’ve had the energy to do anything, including shower. Poor Scarlett has been stuck in the house doing nothing.

She is so good though. I can usually keep her entertained by either pretend play (where I don’t have to move- eg. She’s a doctor stitching up my feet, someone has ‘called’ on the phone for her, making me a cup of tea etc.) or getting her to watch YouTube. My saving grace is that she seems to be sick as well. I know that usually that would be a nightmare, but she usually sleeps so well when she is sick (as in, 12 full hours a night!). And she usually doesn’t want to do much so I really don’t have to do much but cuddles and small play.

Otherwise things are good.

My family friend just had a baby. She’s completely anti c section and luckily (for her mental health) was able to have a vaginal birth. Which is fine, good on her. 

She’s been fully updated about my situation and my impending c section. You know what she decided to do? She tagged me in this video on Facebook about these C sections ‘gone wrong’.

One had a baby come out that had been accidentally cut on the arm. One had a vertical incision and the cut went from lower stomach to pretty much middle of the stomach. One had a mother who had a c section days before with a massively infected incision. Then there were photos of ‘complications’, like an incision that had split open ‘after sneezing’, and a baby hooked up to a ventilator because it ‘didn’t receive the good bacteria from the mothers vagina’ and got an infection soon after birth.

I was sitting there thinking ‘why the fuck would you tag me in these things?’

If a friend or family member of yours had to have a c section for medical reasons, wouldn’t you try to be supportive and not tag her in things like that? Sure, be horrified, but don’t tag the person who is already scared of it!

I don’t know, I guess I just found it weird and a bit offensive.

But on a happier note, things have been going good!


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