Name and updates!

I’ve finally decided on a name. This time it was much harder to pick a name. I feel like I didn’t love any boys names. There were names I liked, but I just couldn’t imagine using. I found this website that gave tips to finding your baby’s name. They suggested writing it down over and over, imagining calling out the name at a park.

I loved the name Nate, but found it so informal. Don’t get me wrong, I really do like it, but I would prefer to give him a name like Nathaniel. Problem is, why give a child a name if you have no intentions of ever calling him that?

So then I considered names that went well with Scarlett’s name. 

I always liked the name Reece, and after writing it down and pretending to shout it with Scarlett’s name, I realised it fit perfectly.


Now a middle name? I always thought his middle name would be Dylan, after my brother.

But after this whole thing with my mum, it just didn’t feel right. 

My mum always loved the name Kyle for a boy. She always wanted me to give him Kyle as a first name but it wasn’t a name I loved.

But after thinking about it, I think Reece Kyle sounds nice.

I figure since Scarlett is named after my mum, why not this little boy?

Reece Kyle.

I love it.

Now in terms of an update for him!

Since about week 13 I swear I could feel him move. Very sporadically. Never regularly. It was always weak and usually only when I was laying down.

I’m now 17 weeks and 3 days and I really don’t feel that the movement has increased. With Scarlett, I started feeling sporadic movement from 17+4 weeks, so the equivalent to tomorrow. But it wasn’t regular movements until 21 weeks.

I know technically i started feeling this baby earlier than Scarlett, but I feel like I should be feeling regular movements bu now! He may just be as lazy as Scarlett was, and therefore very inactive, and since he’s so small I’m missing his movements. I don’t know.

I am overweight so that doesn’t help. I do have my Doppler so when I get worried I’ve been using that. It’s certainly got its money worth already! 😄

Otherwise, I’m feeling well in myself. Still can’t eat a lot of food. Nothing ever sounds good unless it’s takeaway… which is really bad! It’s so hard finding things to eat that actually sound good and majority of the time I find myself just stuffing down something I’m not interested in just to remain slightly healthy!

I’ve lost 8.8kg since the beginning of the pregnancy. So I can’t be doing too bad with eating. Of course, I’m not trying to lose weight. It just seems to be how my body works when I’m pregnant! Last pregnancy I lost 12kg, but of course I gained 3kg in the last 3 weeks, so it was 15kg until I put a bit on.

Ive ordered a double pram. It’s just the double version of my current pram in a different colour. I still need to get the swing, car seat and swaddles, by otherwise I’m completely sorted for everything else like clothes and dummies.

Actually, I do need to get him some socks. 

I’m still bleeding! It’s been dark brown for the last few weeks but consistent and I always have one (at least) gush per day.

I have cramping on and off. I think it’s more stretching pains than anything else.

Also, I’ve decided to definitely go with the C-Section.

I do have an awful lot of questions for the OB however. I don’t see her until 28 weeks so essentially, not for another 10 weeks! However, I do see the midwife at 22 weeks (4 weeks away) so I’m hoping she can start the booking process and answer some of my questions.

Otherwise, all is good! I will feel much better when this bleeding stops and he starts kicking more. Hopefully soon!


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