Heart ultrasound #2

I went back to the fetal cardiologist this week to get baby boys heart checked again. I must say, I never really thought anything was wrong, but I was always happy to get some extra ultrasounds!

So I went and they had a sonographer check him out first, then the specialist came in.

Nothing is wrong with his heart. No fluid surrounding it. It’s the right size and on the right angle. Valves look great. Arteries look great. Everything is where is should be.


Plus, he was measuring a whole week ahead with most things! I was 16 weeks and 2 days when I went, and his legs were measuring 17 weeks and 2 days! The arms were exactly on 17 weeks, as was the head and the belly was measuring 16 weeks and 5 days.

So essentially, it looks like he’s going to be exactly like scarlett, tall with a skinny waist!

A small update with my mum- she got out of hospital yesterday. That’s after an 11 night stay. They diagnosed her with mild heart failure and they shocked her heart so she is out of AF (an irregular heart rhythm). She has to stay on all these medications that she will likely be on for the rest of her life. But they said that they are confident it won’t affect her life span AS LONG as she changes her lifestyle and drops some weight to take the strain off the heart.

So she starts her diet on Monday. I will help her of course, but I can’t exactly diet because I am pregnant. Of course, I can eat healthier!!

Here are some pictures I got from the ultrasound!


2 thoughts on “Heart ultrasound #2

    1. I know! It has flown hasn’t it?! I feel like after that 12 week mark I had blinked and suddenly I’m nearly half way through! I am counting down the days until viability though!!
      And thanks lovely. She’s feeling better today but still sluggish. Xxx

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