Updates- mum in hospital

Hello everyone. It’s been a long time since I was on here… or at least a long time since I had a spare minute to write a post.

My mum has been in hospital for 6 days now. She was originally admitted for a chest infection that didn’t seem to get any better. She was short of breath and couldn’t really walk more than a few meters without having to sit down.

After lots of tests, they found that ontop of an infection, she had an irregular heartbeat (atrial fibrillation) and it was racing. I’m talking 180 beats per minute racing.

Safe to say she didn’t wait in emergency long.

After a weeks worth of tests, they have discovered that her heart function has been impaired, either from this irregular rythm or from the infection spreading to her heart and attacking the muscle.

Since the heart has been compromised and can not do its job efficiently, she has been diagnosed with heart failure.

The doctor doesn’t think it’s bad enough to kill her and is confident that with medication and regular check ups, that she will not have her life shortened, but it’s scary.

Heart failure. Does anyone else hear that and think of imminent death? I don’t know, I do.

Anyway, they want to get her heartbeat under control before they release her. They have tried 3 different medications at this point and nothing has worked. They have 2 medications left to try, one of which she started last night, and so far it has reduced her heartbeat slightly. Of course, all of these things take time to work and the longer her heart races, the higher chance she has of further damaging her heart.

It’s funny how many MET calls have been done for her. 

She’s completely asymptomatic so that’s great. She can’t even feel her heart racing. But they won’t release her until it consistently sits under 100, ideally under 90 beats per minute.

So it looks like she has at least another few days in hospital, which sucks, because she HATES the hospital and I’m certain the anxiety of having to stay there alone is increasing her heart rate. 


I saw the obstetrician the other day. I’m going to make a different post about what we spoke about, but I just wanted to give this update so people know that I’m okay! Just super busy. I’ve been spending every day with my mum in hospital from 8:30am to 8:30pm.

All the while looking after a toddler, being pregnant and keeping things up to date at home. I’m exhausted. And so is Scarlett. The hospital is such an awkward place for toddlers to spend their days. But Scarlett is so good.


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