Heart and bleeding update!

Hello everyone. Firstly, I just want to start of by thanking each and every one of you for your well wishes and kind words. It meant the world to me to see how much support I have on here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now for an update!

So I had the second ’12 week ultrasound’. If you remember, I had to book a second one after they rang and told me that they thought this baby had something wrong with his heart.

So I got there and like I said, I was seeing a fetal cardiologist. So a specialist. She had a fancy office and gave me hot chocolate on arrival and even sent me home with some Easter eggs!

She explained that she wasn’t too concerned about the heart itself, but the fact that it had fluid surrounding it. This was news to me because the sonographer told me a few days before ‘what a beautiful looking heart!’ And how ‘perfect’ everything looked.

So she starts the ultrasound and starts with an external one. She then swaps to transvaginal. Then back to external. Then back to transvaginal. And finally back to external.

Each view she gets she isn’t saying too much about. She’s doing lots of measurements and these weird angle looking things.

In the end she tells me that she can’t see any fluid surrounding the heart, but she wants to see me again at 16 weeks to make sure.

She said there are a few other things that do concern her. She said the nuchal fold is slightly thicker than normal. She said she doesn’t want it over 3.5 and this baby was 3.0. So it was in the range of normal, but on the high side.

I’m not worried because my NIPT results showed low risk for everything. He also had a ‘beautiful’ nasal bone that has been sighted by 3 different sonographers! There are no white spots on his heart or anything like that. So I’m not really concerned anymore. I think they are just being overly cautious, which I think is awesome.

Now, in terms of the SCH.

The bleeding continues. The day it happened I bled pretty much up until bed time, although it did taper off slightly throughout the day.

The next day I woke up to lots of blood. Well, when I say lots of blood, it was enough to get on the pad I had on, but it wasn’t enough to fill it. Again, it tapered off throughout the day and by the time bedtime came, it was a rusty brown colour.

This morning was the same. I woke up to blood, although less than yesterday, but it was more red than it was the night before. Throughout the day it has gotten lighter in flow. Only once has it touched the pad, which is amazing. And it’s mostly a brown colour. It looks like brown coloured discharge now. But let’s be honest, I’ll still probably wake up to red blood tomorrow. That just seems to be my pattern.

From what I’ve read, that is completely normal. Most people have 1 bigger bleed per day and then it gets lighter. Then the next day the same thing happens until it stops all together; usually a few weeks down the track.

So that’s where I’m at! Trying to rest and recover as best I can 😊


2 thoughts on “Heart and bleeding update!

    1. Thank you! Yes I know, it’s mentally draining. For me, whenever I see bleeding while pregnant my mind jumps straight to miscarriage. So to see all this blood and be told it’s ‘fine’, I just can’t mentally accept it. And the worst part? I look at all the clothes my mum has already purchased for this little man and it breaks my heart with the thought of her having to return them all! I’m keeping my fingers crossed too. He had a heartbeat and looked healthy 2 days ago so let’s hope he stays that way!! X

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