9 week ultrasound 

You know, I feel like I write these ‘fail’ posts a lot. Where medical practitioners let me down and really, just bring me more stress.

Today I had my 9 week ultrasound. I didn’t really need to get it done, but since I’m getting the panorama blood test in a few days, I wanted to make sure everything was okay before I paid out the lump sum of money for that.

Anyway, the ultrasound tech calls me into the room and I looked at her. The first thing I thought was ‘wow! She looks so young!’. But then again, I’ve never been good at judging ages and will often place people younger or older than what they are.

She sat down and confirmed who I was, I layed down and got myself ready. 

Then she asked ‘have you had any bleeding this pregnancy?’. I told her that yes I had, but it was a few weeks ago now. 

She went on to explain that in half of the cases she sees that bleeding is the result of a miscarriage and that may mean we don’t see anything today.

I told her I had a 7 week scan with my OB and there was a baby measuring 7w2d and it had a heartbeat of 132bpm.

She told me that even still, I could have miscarried and to prepare myself for it.

I felt like I had been slapped in the face! Why go through this when I have expressed no concern over miscarriage? I mean, sure, mention it, but don’t drone on about it.

She still continued, she told me miscarriages aren’t the woman’s fault and I shouldnt be angry at myself or my body because of it. I told her ‘no problem’ and tried to move on!

So we began the ultrasound. 

She told me ‘so we are going to focus on everything else, then once I’ve had a look around, then we will zoom in on baby and focus on that’.

I told her that wasn’t a problem, but I asked if she could quickly look to see if there was a heartbeat, just so my anxiety wouldn’t creep up during the ‘looking at the other things’ part.

She told me no, that she was going to look at the ovaries first. I asked again ‘please, can you just tell me if there is still a heartbeat so I can breathe?’

She said no.

I then told her that every other ultrasound tech had always told me whether there was a heartbeat, that I only wanted to know if it was there, not how many beats per minute it was or anything like that.

She finally relented and looked. She said ‘it’s there, happy?’.

Uh… sure I am. I’m not so happy with the attitude though.

Anyway, she saw the ovaries and checked the cervix. She saw the sub chorionic haemmorage! I couldn’t believe how large it was!

So then we move on to baby.

She takes the first measurement (remembering I’m 9 weeks exactly today), 7w5d.

She did a second measurement, 7w6d.


I told her that couldn’t be right! I told her that I was 9 weeks exactly today, and since I had an ultrasound 2 weeks ago, it means the baby is only measuring 3 days ahead of last time. I told her that couldn’t be normal.

She told me ‘no, you’ve probably just got your dates wrong’.

I told her that no, this was an IVF pregnancy so I know the exact dates.

She didn’t seem phased and went on to measure the heartbeat.

A nice, strong 169BPM.

But how can you have a strong heartbeat with such a small baby?

I was on the verge of tears when she told me the ultrasound was finished.

Just as I went to stand up, there was a knock on the door. A lady came in and introduced herself as the ultrasound technicians SUPERVISOR.

Supervisor? What?! 

The supervisor went on to tell me that the technician was a trainee! 

I asked her to double check the measurement of the baby since it was measuring so small. She got me back on the table and did her first measurement.


Second measurement, 9 weeks exactly.

There was no sorry for worrying you or anything, just a simple ‘baby is measuring fine’ and off they both went. 

I did ask for a photo, but they both left the room before giving me one! So I had to go ask the receptionist to get me one.

You can see the little leg nubs, and one arm bud. We are sort of looking down on it from the top… but on an angle.

So it seems all is good! Yay!

Just as I was leaving I checked my phone. A few weeks ago I signed myself up to this place called ultrasound training solutions. I went there when I was pregnant with Scarlett 3 times.

Basically, it’s a place that trains future doctors and sonographers how to use the ultrasound and how to measure accurately. You have an ultrasound technician in the room and a max of 4 other people. The ultrasound tech measures everything first, then each of the others have a turn.

You bring a USB and you get all the photos they have taken, plus, they pay you $25 for going there!!

They wanted someone in their first trimester to come in next week on Thursday. So I said absolutely!

Which is awesome, because it will mean that I’ve had a 5w4d, 7 week, 9 week, 10w3d and 12w4d ultrasound all in the first trimester! That’s more ultrasounds than people normally get in their whole pregnancy!

I’m very excited!


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