Thyroid update

Sorry I haven’t made this update sooner! I got a call while I was at my doctors surgery to ask me if I could work Thursday, Friday and today! 

By the time I’ve gotten home, I’ve been dead off my feet and couldn’t even piece together a sentence!

But here we are and here we go!

So I saw a different doctor because mine wasn’t there. When I got in I asked her for my blood test results.

She told me my T3 and T4 levels were great, and right in the middle of normal, however my TSH was sitting high at 3.62.

Which made no sense, since two weeks before the number was 2.01.

The doctor was stunned because apparently TSH is a slow moving hormone and it takes a while for it to creep up or go down.

She asked if anything had changed in the last two weeks. I told her the only thing I could think about was that when I got the results for that blood test (the 2.01 one), I was also put on oestrogen.

It was like a light bulb went off in her head.

She asked me if I knew what the main hormone that affects TSH levels was? I told her no.

She told me oestrogen and HCG play the biggest factors in changing TSH levels. She was stunned my doctor didn’t increase my dose when she put me on the oestrogen supplement.

I told her she only put me on it so that the bleeding would hopefully settle itself down. So far, it has, but we can never be sure.

She wants me to increase my thyroxine from 50mcg per day to 75mcg per day and have another test in 3 weeks.

She told me that this also puts me in a bad situation. She explained that she knew the high result was likely due to the oestrogen, but since my thyroid is technically ‘uncontrolled’, she has to put it down as ‘thyroid disease’ and that may put me in a high risk pregnancy category.

Sure, being high risk has its perks. More ultrasounds. Closer monitoring. Better relationship with doctors and midwives.

But it also means delivering at a hospital 45 minutes away from me. An hour and a half in traffic. Opposed to my hospital 10-15 minutes down the road regardless of traffic.

It means a higher risk of c-section and it also means I won’t be allowed to have my birth photographer there.

I find out in 5 weeks what category the obstetrician wants to put me in, but I’m hoping low risk!!!

I did ask about problems with the baby too. I had worried about the TSH affecting the brain development but the doctor assured me that usually the brain is only affected when the TSH is really uncontrolled (double digit numbers like 10.0) for extended periods of time (3 months or more).

So she’s very confident that it won’t affect the baby, even though it’s way out of range for pregnancy. Which is reassuring 😊


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