The last few days have been a bit of a whirlwind! Between Scarlett’s activities, my work, my appointments and trying to book things, I feel like I have been rushed off my feet!

So, as you know, I was released from my IVF clinic and put into my GP’s care. I went and saw her 2 nights ago and it was a nightmare!

The only appointment I could get with her was at 6:10pm, which is usually right around the time that Scarlett and I eat dinner. Not to mention, during peak hour traffic it can take me almost an hour to drive to my doctors! What is usually a 15-20minute journey takes forever.

So to make it easier for me, before we leave I give Scarlett a full banana, half a sandwich, a handful of grapes, a few strawberries, half a handful of blueberries, and a few raspberries. She also picked at some air popped organic popcorn.

So I thought that would fill her enough for a 15 minute doctors appointment.

We got there and immediately the screaming started. I’m not even sure what caused it, but she lost it. Nothing I did was right for her. She wanted to be picked up, so I picked her up, then she kicked and screamed until I put her down, where she wanted to be picked up again.

To be fair, she probably was tired. She hadn’t had a nap since that morning so she was overly tired.

I managed to calm her down with a home made cereal bar, but after it was gone, she lost it again.

My doctors clinic is a superclinic, which means that sometimes there are 10 doctors working at one time. The clinic is huge and the waiting room is central, so everyone waits for all 10 doctors in one spot.

So I had my child screaming, while probably 50 people sat and watched. Scarlett has never done anything like this before and I was soooo embarrassed. I couldn’t get her to stop crying! 

My hormones were all over the shop and having people stare at me and my child was too much. 

My eyes started leaking without permission.

Then an older lady walked up to me and sat down and patted my back and said ‘don’t worry dear, sometimes this happens, she’s only embarrassing herself, not you. This is not a reflection of your parenting’.

That really helped.

So I managed to get my 50 thousand referrals! Lol.

I made a 9 week ultrasound appointment. I booked in for my panorama blood test. I booked my 12 week NT scan, and my 20 week anatomy scan.

I also bit the bullet and purchased this. I figured I can’t live in fear, and if something goes wrong then it will be a memory of another angel baby.

It needs to be ironed and washed though… this photo was taken when it came out of the packaging.

I plan on doing an Easter reveal. I’m going to have 4 elements.

1.) Scarlett wearing this shirt with bunny ears on

2.) something like this (I’ve put together an example but it will be in a cane basket with shredded Easter grass)

3.) an ultrasound photo

4.) a cracked egg with a little note in it saying ‘it’s a boy/girl’ with glitter around it.

And I’m going to collate it all into a collage! And that is how I’m going to reveal it on Facebook over Easter weekend!

I made the eggs above. I dyed them with alcohol ink. It was a fun activity.

I also have felt very edgy lately. I feel an undercurrent of anxiety some of the time that isn’t sitting well with me. I find myself edgy and fidgety and not really content with anything. I feel on the verge of tears over nothing and I find myself needing breaks away from people, sometimes just to collect myself. I think over the next few weeks I’m going to make an appointment with a Psycholgist just to talk some things out. I don’t know if this is normal and the last thing I want to do is end up with prenatal depression and post natal depression!

That’s just my update for now. I’ll check back in soon 😊


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