A heartbeat!

So I arrived at my clinic a little bit early, so instead of making my way to my doctors office, I went to the nurses station in order to get my blood test results from Saturday.

It turned out they had been completed, but not sent through yet, so my nurse told me to go to my appointment and she would send the results through to Anne, my doctor.

Well, I get up there and only have a short wait before I’m called through.

I walked into the room and Anne asked how things were going and if the bleeding was heavy today. I told her that no, that I had increased my dose of crinone and the bleeding stopped soon after.

I thought she was going to lose it. ‘You increased your dose of crinone?! Why? How pointless! You know you don’t absorb any more than 2 tubes per day. You’re just wasting your money!’

I told her that I didn’t care, that it was good for my peace of mind and that I don’t mind paying the money for my peace.

She kept going on and on about the crinone. She kept telling me how it wouldn’t be absorbed and how it was a waste. But then she told me that I couldn’t stop taking it now because my body expects the extra progesterone. But how does that make sense? If my body won’t absorb any more crinone, why would it expect the extra?

Anyway, after a few minutes we got on with the ultrasound. She left me in the room to get dressed and I just burst into tears. I was certain I was about to see an empty uterus, and I’m completely devastated.

Anne comes back in the room and sees me crying. I think that she then understood what was at stake for me. 

She started the ultrasound and I was looking away because I didn’t want to see it. She says ‘Chantelle, you’re going to want to look at the screen now’.

I looked over and was so surprised and happy. I saw a sac. I saw the yolk sac. I saw a formed fetal pole. And I saw a beating heart.


holy shit. I burst into tears again. Anne tried to measure the heart rate but her ultrasound machine kept saying invalid. She said she’s been having a problem with the machine for a while and it was actually due to be fixed this coming weekend.

So she tried to measure it manually. She estimated about 100 beats per minute, which isn’t bad apparently, considering the heart probably only started beating yesterday or the day before.

I’m so relieved.

But I don’t understand. There was so much blood. So much. And cramping. And even a few clots! 

How could it be possible that the baby is still alive?! But it is. And I’m so happy. 

Anne said that once a heartbeat is seen at 7 weeks, without bleeding, the risk of miscarriage drops to 3%.

I can’t wait until next week!

She looked around to see if she could see the source of the bleeding, but couldn’t see anything. She thinks that it may have been a sub chorionic bleed that completely emptied itself out. She can’t see any more blood in, or around the uterus, so hopefully that means no more bleeding.

Anyway, she decided to change my medications. She agreed to let me have 3 crinone a day, and she’s also put me on oestrogen tablets (2 tablets x 3 times a day).

Let’s hope this keeps the bleeding at bay!


9 thoughts on “A heartbeat!

  1. Omg!! No way!!! This is the best thing I have read all week!! I am so freaken happy for you. Come on little bean, stay stuck to mama, no more scares or anything please!! I’m soo happy for you Chantelle! So so happy 😘😘😘

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    1. Thank you lovely! I know, I was absolutely shocked myself. I’m so happy to know it’s there still. I can’t wait until next Monday to see what the exact heart rate and everything is. Scarlett was about 140 I think (I’ll have to check again), so hopefully it’s around that mark. I just want healthy!!! 😊😘

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