18dp5dt / 23dpo

So the nurse rang me at 9am this morning with my second beta result.

Remembering that the first was taken at 17dpo and was 216. Since the second one was taken 5 days later at 22 dpo, we were expecting it to be about 1300. I really wanted it to be over 1500, just for peace of mind.

Well, here it is.

17dpo = 216

22dpo = 2567

2567!!!!!!!! WHAT!!

I’m in shock. I’m excited. Like, wow. That’s amazing.

I logged it into this website that was recommended to me (thank you, by the way!) and my results are great!!

By this chart, my results are above average! I have never ever had hcg results that were even average, let alone above average!!!

I’m so happy. These numbers are better than what they were with Scarlett! I’ve had no bleeding, and so far, a completely uncomplicated pregnancy. Now, obviously I say that with a good amount of hesitation. I’m knocking on wood and crossing all my fingers. But I so hope this works out. I really do. 

Things are looking good so far!!


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