12dp5dt / 17dpo

I had my first beta today.

But before that, I tested again. I think the line was darker.

And my beta was 216.

Wow. That’s higher than it’s ever been, even with Scarlett. It’s so high (for me) that my doctor doesn’t even want to do anymore testing. She just wants me to book a 7 week scan.

Nope. I can guarantee that I will be getting another test done next week. I think I’ll call up and tell them that I’ve had some bleeding over the weekend. I know that it’s bad karma to lie, but after everything I’ve been through, you can expect me to just wait and see!

I need answers. I need reassurances. I need to know this pregnancy is progressing. Even 3 betas would soothe me. I know it’s a good result, but it’s also the latest result I’ve ever had. I’ve always had my first beta test around 12dpo. Usually I have had 2 betas already. 

But I’m hopeful now. So far I haven’t had any bleeding (apart from the pink/watery light red spotting at 12dpo). And the cramping has settled today.

So I don’t know. I’m scared I’m getting my hopes up for a big disappointment. I’m a little scared.


10 thoughts on “12dp5dt / 17dpo

  1. Wow that’s fantastic! Nice and high! Woohoo!! Hopefully your cramps were just it snuggling deeper! I’d definitely be wanting another blood test, to compare how high the levels rise! I could NOT wait that long!!!

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      1. Haha! Will they let you do another test if you just ring and say your anxious due to your previous loss? Or are they quite strict?

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      2. They are usually quite strict, so if I want something done, I usually have to manipulate the situation and make them think it was their idea. I sound like a complete bitch, but they just don’t seem to understand. When I wanted an ultrasound for the previous pregnancy (the miscarriage) I had to ask 3 times before my doctor finally told me to stop asking. I then rang up after bleeding and was in tears telling them I don’t know what to do, and finally my doctor agreed to a scan. So I think it’s going to be the same. They have usually been pretty good with giving me blood tests IF there has been issues like cramping or bleeding. So hopefully all I will have to tell them is that I’ve had a bleed. That usually gets me 1 or 2 more blood tests depending on the results. 🙂


      3. Ohhh, that’s a pain!! It’s your medical care, so they should just let you! They should do two anyway! My clinic do the beta, and then one 4 days later. Even if the numbers are perfect.
        Well you did have cramps the other day, so it’s not a full on lie 😅 it’s just adding a little bit haha. I’d do the same 😂

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    1. Thanks lovely! She said that because they are gone today and because they weren’t accompanied with red blood, that she wasn’t concerned. She said it could’ve been stretching pains in my uterus or it could have been the start of OHSS showing it’s ugly head IF the test came back positive. It did come back positive, but she later told me it was unlikely since the pain went away. Usually if it’s OHSS it will progressively get worse, not worse then better.
      And thanks for the link! When I get a second result I’ll log it in. Did you find it helpful?

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      1. I’m really happy to hear such great news from you. I think the cramps are pretty normal and they can continue for a few more weeks too. You only worry if you see blood or they are very painful. I found the HCG calculator helpful for sure. It was comforting to see the graph in the normal zone. I think I tested around 48 hours apart.

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