7dp5dt / 12dpo

My test was darker today. Not enough to say it is super dark, but it’s no longer very faint. I would call it light, because the camera on my phone still has trouble picking the line up. But it’s there.

I think you can see it best in the collage of ‘fresh’ tests (the middle photo). 

In regards to how the tests compared to my pregnancy with Scarlett and the miscarriage, the line is pretty much exactly the same as the miscarriage, and it is very hard to compare it to Scarlett’s pregnancy. With Scarlett, I realised I was getting stronger positives in the arfternoon/night so I stopped taking tests in the morning and took them at night.

So if we are comparing them to Scarlett’s pregnancy, the line is lighter. Perhaps for curiosity’s sake, I might take another this afternoon.

I will edit this once I’ve taken it with comparison photos.


Okay, I’m back with comparison photos. This was Scarlett’s pregnancy at 12dpo:

And this one:

Both were taken in the afternoon. Both look nearly identical.

So I guess we are on par to Scarlett’s pregnancy? Let’s hope it turns out the way Scarlett’s pregnancy did 😊


3 thoughts on “7dp5dt / 12dpo

    1. Thanks lovely. I’m hoping the same thing. It would also be amazing to not bleed throughout the entire first trimester like I did with Scarlett. But I’ll take the bleeding if it means a healthy baby! I hope you’re going well. How did everything go with the ultrasound?

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      1. Yeah it would, would definitely rest your mind!!
        Ultrasound and blood test went well – now I just wait for them to message transfer day!


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