6dp5dt / 11dpo

I’m a day late in writing this. 

At 11dpo, despite the positive tests, I thought I was out. Because, blood.

Of course, just like every other f***ing time, I start bleeding. This started out as pink spotting on the toilet paper, and then the next time I went to the toilet it was mostly light red. Not dark red and it wasn’t a lot, but it was there.

I called the clinic and they pretty much told me to increase my dosage of crinone and wait. Greaaattttt.

Anyway. The test today was slightly darker.

So those photos are the ‘fresh’ pictures of right after I took the tests, then comparison with one fresh compared to the other dry ones, and the individual test.

So slightly darker.

My boobs are still sore but otherwise I’m not feeling anything. To be fair, I felt nothing with Scarlett too. I guess we have to wait and see!


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