5dp5dt / 10dpo

As we know, I tested yesterday and although I swore I saw a line, no one else saw it and the camera didn’t pick it up, so I dismissed my eyes and called it as a negative.

I woke up today to even sorer boobs, and I felt nauseas. I don’t think I felt like I wanted to vomit, but moreso just lethargic and unwell.

Once I got up, showered and got ready, I was fine. It was like the sickness just evaporated.

Now of course, I tested again.

I decided to do one clear blue digital test and one FRER. 

I dipped them and then put a paper towel over them so I couldn’t peek until the time was up.

I tossed up over which one I was going to look at first. I’ve never done a digital at 10dpo, but I have gotten a positive at 11dpo. I know I get positives at 10dpo with a FRER, so maybe if I look at that first it won’t discourage me when I look at the digital.

Then the thought crossed my mind ‘what if they are both negative?’.

Anyway, I decided to look at the digital first. Call me a masochist, but I jumped into the deep end blind. I wanted to know. 

And this is what I got:

Oh. Wow.

So then, the FRER:

A faint line, but it’s there. It’s stronger than it was at 10dpo with the miscarriage, and about the same as it was with Scarlett. I’m not sure if the camera is even picking it up well, probably not, but wow.

Guys, I’m pregnant again.

Now the problem is, because of the miscarriage, I’m not delusional enough to think that just because I got a positive, it means I’m going to have a baby. 

Once I see a heartbeat on an ultrasound, then I’ll feel a bit better. Still anxious, but I’m sure that anxiety will ease once I pass the 13 week mark. Or not. Who knows. I guess it will lessen. 

So, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope this it it! 


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