4dp5dt / 9dpo

So I tested this morning. I expected a stark white negative. But I don’t know. I swear I see the super, most faintest line ever. But it may just be my eyes telling my brain it’s there because I do badly want it to be there.

The camera didn’t pick it up so I’m inclined to think it isn’t there, and I’m classing the result as negative.

I’ve included two pictures, one that is unedited and one with the contrast turned up to 100%.

I guess I’ll have some answers tomorrow? With every pregnancy so far I’ve had a faint positive at 10dpo or 5dp5dt. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed! 

Symptom wise, everything is the same. Oh! Except, a few times today I had that weird butt cramp thing that I had when I was in pain after the egg collection. I don’t think it means anything, it’s just that it went away and now it’s back, so that’s annoying.

My boobs are still very tender. In fact, Scarlett leaned against one today and shit, I almost died. It hurt, a lot!

But yes! I’ll update tomorrow with the test results! 😊


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