3dp5dt / 8dpo

So not much has changed since my last update. 

I’m not having any crampy sensations. The soreness has completely gone from egg retrieval and doesn’t seem to be coming back. I’m almost concerned about that though, because I thought with OHSS that if you get pregnant it gets worse?

So perhaps it’s not looking good right now?

My boobs started to get really sore today. I noticed them last night and progressively today they have gotten worse, but sore boobs are very common for me when I’m taking progesterone. 

I have had a killer headache all day today. It seems better now that I’m laying down (about to go to sleep), but it has been pounding all day. I think it’s a sinus infection though. My nose has been runny and gross for just over a week now. I go through MANY tissues every day and now if I lean down, the pressure in my head gets worse. Fun!

I’ve also got a blood spot on my shoulder. It appeared overnight, which was a weird surprise to wake up to! I think it’s from the aspirin I’m taking.

Otherwise, I feel normal. I’m not any more tired than I usually am. Obviously it’s still early days.

I’m going to start testing tomorrow. I’ll be 4dp5dt or 9dpo, so it may be early still. I haven’t ever gotten a positive before 5dp5dt or 10dpo before so it may be too early to tell. I guess we will see!

I’m still visualising, meditating, using my crystals and aromatherapy to help with everything. If nothing else, it relaxes me!

I’ll update tomorrow with the results of my test. I think tomorrow will be negative based on passed experiences, but hopefully the next day will show a faint BFP. Or a dark one. I’ll take either 😄


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