Egg retrieval #3

I’m home from my egg retrieval. I got home earlier this afternoon, but I have been zonked out sleeping.

I had to be there at 6:30am. The hospital staff were lovely as usual, and nothing special really happened. I’ve done this so many times before to know what to expect.

So I went into theatre and got knocked out.

When I woke up, all I could focus on was the paiiinnnnnn. Holy crap, I have never had so much pain after an egg collection. 

They had just finished administering the panadol but it was doing absolutely nothing. 

Eventually my doctor came in to tell me they got 13 eggs.

I guess I was happy, but I was also disappointed. Last time I got 14 eggs, and that left me with two blastocysts at the end. I’m very worried that majority of these eggs won’t be mature, and the fertilisation results won’t be great, and that I’ll have nothing to transfer.

Anyway, I left the hospital in pain after they refused to give me anything stronger while in hospital. They did give me some endone to take home, hence why I have been zonked out.

I’ve woken up to more pain though. There is so much pain. My stomach feels bloated, I feel like I have been torn open internally, I can hardly walk, and when I do have to walk, I’m bent over. Peeing hurts. I feel like I lose my breath easily, but this is usually only when I talk too much or walk around too much. It hurts to sneeze and cough. I feel like everything is going to fall out of my body through my vagina.

I have minor bleeding, nothing unusual. But ouch. I’ve never been in this much pain following an egg collection.

Anyway, hopefully I get a positive phone call tomorrow! I’m really, really hoping for at least 8 fertilised. 


7 thoughts on “Egg retrieval #3

      1. Ohhhh. Weird!! We get left awake over here! Drugged, but awake! They had to double dose me – Coz it didn’t work the first time. Then it all kicked in haha!! I don’t remember anything other than bendy walls and roofs haha!! But apparently chatted the whole time 😳😳

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