Ultrasound #1

Yesterday I went for my first (and only!) ultrasound. It seems that this cycle is moving faster than we expected it would!

I got in and we checked the lining first. My doctor didn’t give me a measurement, but she commented that it looked ‘very good!’.

Then we checked the ovaries, and this is where the shock came.

The left ovary has about 10 follicles, all ranging from 19-24mm in size. The right ovary doesn’t look like it’s come along as far, it seems there are 5-6 follicles that range from about 16mm-21mm, and then 3 follicles that are about 10mm (these won’t catch up in time for egg collection).

So we think there are about 15-16 follicles. Since about 50% of follicles have eggs, we are aiming for 7-8 eggs. Hopefully of those, 5-6 are mature, and I’m praying they all fertilise with icsi. 

Honestly, I would love more eggs than that. 

Last cycle (the one that worked with Scarlett) I had 17 follicles, 14 eggs retrieved, 9 were mature, 6 fertilised, and I had 2 on day 5. One was Scarlett, and the other was the embryo I just miscarried.

This time I only have 15-16 follicles, BUT they are all bigger than the last time. Even still, just because a follicle is there, doesn’t mean an egg is. Even if an egg is there, it doesn’t mean it’s mature or that it’s going to fertilise. 

I would LOVE to have 3 on day 5. It would mean I would have 1 to transfer, and 2 to have PGD testing on. 

But for me to have 3, it would usually mean I would need 12 FERTILISED embryos the day after transfer. Which means (given my history), I would need just over 20 eggs retrieved.

If my doctor collects 20, she will cancel the cycle and do a freeze all since the risk of OHSS is much greater when 20 (or over) eggs are retrieved. 

Anyway, I’m still being positive. I guess it only takes one. I’m sending positive vibes into the universe, I would love if everyone else could send some positive vibes my way too.

So, egg collection is Monday! I trigger tonight at 8pm. 

Here we go, IVF #3, come at me!


3 thoughts on “Ultrasound #1

  1. All the best!! My follicles took awhile to grow, then I had 9/10 follicles – on egg collection; 8 fertilised with icsi. And we had 6 on day 5. Positive thinking!! Lots of love and hugs, praying your ovaries are playing nice xx

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    1. Oh wow! The first round, I only got 4 eggs, 3 of them were immature and the one left was transferred on day 3 (obviously didn’t take 😄). Then the second round was the round that I got 14 eggs, 9 of them mature, 6 fertilised and 2 made it to day 5. You had an amazing blast rate!! I can only wish mine is that good! You’ve lifted my spirits for sure, thanks lovely! I hope you’re doing well 😊


      1. Yeah it was super surprising to get so many,, Especially Coz it took much longer than it was meant too – I was very worried!! Positive thoughts that this round gives you good results too!!

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