Not good news.

My day has gone from bad to worse.

The drive into my ultrasound appointment was terrible. I felt sick the entire time and it was like the road was spinning. I swear I almost fell asleep 10 times.

So I’m running late, because ontop of feeling sick AND bleeding, the traffic is terrible. 

I finally get to my appointment 5 minutes late, and get called in within 10 minutes.

My doctor says that she is doubtful we will see anything as it’s so early. I told her that we saw a sac and a yolk sac 3 days  before now (I’m 5 weeks 6 days and we saw it with Scarlett at 5 weeks 3 days).

I got on the bed and she put the ultrasound in. She did this weird thing though. She put it in then tried to shove it in deeper. There was no where for it to go and oh my gosh, it hurt.

Anyway, she was looking and seemed pretty convinced that she couldn’t see anything. She couldn’t see a sac, nothing. I told her that from what I’ve read, you should always see a sac and by 5 weeks 4 days, a yolk sac should be present.

She said that only applies if your levels are over 1500.

Mine should be though, considering my last blood test was 5 days ago and it was 767 at that time. 

She’s given me more blood tests to do. 

I had to do one just before, then I need to do another on Thursday. Then another next Monday. Then a repeat ultrasound next Tuesday. 

I’m not holding my breath. I know what bleeding with clots and no sac mean at almost 6 weeks. I’m just waiting for the results to confirm my thoughts.

So then I went to the doctor for my sickness. No wonder I’m feeling so shitty. I have an upper respiratory tract infection, a sinus infection, my left ear is slightly infected and my right ear is severely infected. 

So antibiotics for me.


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