Blood test

Sorry for spamming everyone with 3 posts in 1 day, but I just got the bloods back.

So last Wednesday the results were 767.

Today, 5 days later, they are 843.

Which means something is not right. Either I have already miscarried and the numbers have started dropping, or the embryo has stopped growing and I’m about to miscarry.

I’m sure I passed the sac before. It was unlike any clot I’ve ever passed. It looked spongy and a cros between a wheat colour and grey colour. It was very small, but I’m sure that was it.

I have another blood test on Thursday and that should tell us more (whether it’s already happened or about to). The clinic are very confident at this point that there is no other option. 


6 thoughts on “Blood test

  1. Thinking of you Hun 😘😘 more than ever. Sure sounds like your little embryo has tried, or is trying its hardest to stick around! What an awful few weeks of not knowing for you though; getting excited – then sad, then excited, then sad. Complete mind game isn’t it! Sending you all the love and hugs though xxx

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