3rd beta 

Beta #1 (13dpo) = 31 

Beta #2 (16dpo) = 87 (48.4 hour doubling time)

Beta #3 (20dpo) = 296 (54.3 hour doubling time)

So it’s a rise, but not quite as quick as the second beta.

So the nurses told me it could mean a few things:

1. The beta hcg was higher but I miscarried Saturday, so it will continue to get lower

2. It’s slowly rising and the pregnancy has persisted despite the heavy bleeding, but will fail soon as the hcg levels will come to an impasse and I will miscarry.

3. It’s slowly rising and will continue to rise.

The bleeding has stopped completely… for now. I know to never say it’s completely forever gone because I also know it will probably return. 

I took another test this morning and I think the line was slightly lighter. I’ll take another in 2 days time and that should let me know, just so I can be a bit more prepared for the next blood results. 

Below is the tests from 18dpo (the morning of the bleeding), 19dpo and 20 dpo (today). 

I want a fucking ultrasound. I have done my research and if my cervix is open, that is end game. I want to know if there is a sac in the uterus and/or if there is blood in there. 

I just want to know. I hate being stuck in this limbo. 

I’m so pessimistic about the situation and yet I still have this glimmer of hope hiding away in my brain. Tomorrow I will be 5 weeks (if the pregnancy is still going) and I feel like I won’t know what is going on until I’m supposed to be 7 weeks!

I swear, if I ever do this again someone will have to sedate me for the first 12 weeks and then wake me up. Maybe even sedation until viability. 

Well, I’ll update you when I know more!


12 thoughts on “3rd beta 

  1. Oh gosh that’s so frustrating!!! I had similar problems with my pregnancy. low beats, empty sacs, bleeding. But because of the bleeding they got me in at 6w0d. Can they not get you in any earlier? I would be going mad right now too. Hang in there!!

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    1. Oh wow! What did you see at the 6 week ultrasound? They could probably get me in, they just don’t want to. Which is annoying because it will give me piece of mind. They may get me in earlier if I have more bleeding, but I don’t want any more of that!! 😊


      1. We saw an empty sac at 6w0d. RE was positive it was a blighted ovum! He was going to book me in for a D and C for the following week, but he was 90-95% sure I would miscarry over the weekend! I started bleeding 6w4d so we went in and saw a perfect baby. Bleeding was from an SCH, which is pretty common especially with IVF pregnancies. I would try to push for an early ultrasound, just for your sanity. I’ve seen women get ultrasounds in their 5th week as well. The bleeding stopping is a really good thing!! I’m keeping everything crossed for you!! XX

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  2. I SO wanted a scan at 6 weeks!! So annoying, they see no medical need – but there is our sanity need! Surely that accounts for something right? Hang in there hun! xx

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  3. Good luck to you! Who knows what will happen, just stay positive, things always work out how they should! I know how stressful it is!!! I used to call my clinic daily wanting to see my babies on an ultrasound!!

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      1. As awful as it was, I’d exaggerate whatever was going on until they would see me. I had twins so I was high risk and usually go in. I also had my doppler at home to hear the heart beats daily. Hoping for the best for you!!

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      2. That’s not awful at all. I think that you have instincts and they can’t understand them. Even just for piece of mind. I may take a page out of your book I think. And if that doesn’t work, they will get a call again tomorrow from me! 😄


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