Blood and cramps

So after not bleeding for a full day, I just went to the bathroom. About 10 minutes before I went to the toilet I started feeling some cramping. I thought that I was having some OTHER type of rumblings… the kind that result in you sitting on the toilet for a while? Well, no.

I got to the toilet, pee’d, then wiped. The first wipe presented me with lots of bright red blood.

The second wipe presented me with a clot the size of a 5 cent piece. 

The third wipe was more bright red blood.

The fourth wipe was a huge clot, about the size of a 50 cent piece. 

After that I stopped. 

I got up and walked away. And since then the cramps have gotten worse. They aren’t super painful, just really uncomfortable. 

I don’t think this is good news.

And it’s so disappointing because I tested just this morning and I got this:

So in order for me to do exactly what I did with Scarlett, I took my ‘four week’ belly shot. And I think I may have cursed it all.

And the worst part? I had finally started feeling mellow about this pregnancy and even positive. I had convinced myself that everything was going to work out. Silly really, especially since I’m so early. 

I don’t know. I’ll test tomorrow morning and if the test is lighter, I guess I’ll know.

Either way, I have my next blood test Monday so that will surely tell me.

Edit: since I first posted this, the cramping has gotten worse and the bleeding has increased. It has half filled a pad in an hour. Lots of clots.

The end is here.


14 thoughts on “Blood and cramps

  1. Oh hun ❤
    Like you did for me – I will keep everything crossed and hopeful on behalf of you! But sending lots of love and hugs across also xxxxx


    1. I know. Of course it had to happen on a Saturday so I can’t even get my clinic to organise everything for me!! And the annoying part? Because I will probably have to wait, I won’t be able to try again until January or February! It just sucks because I loved everything about this one. It’s due date was perfect. I loved that both of my kids were going to have birthdays close together. We could have done a birthday holiday every year. This sucks.


      1. Yeah I bet 😦 – Always the way huh, just as you accept the feelings and being hopeful and positive, it’s like a big 10 steps back! And knocks you even further down 😦
        It sucks! Does your clinic close down over xmas too? xxx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Exactly. And yeah, they close over Xmas and don’t open until just after the new year. Which I understand, it gives the people who work there a break, but it just sucks for me because I just want to try again. Oh well! Life works like that. Thanks lovely xx


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