Today I peed on some more sticks:

I also got my beta results:

Beta #1 (7dp6dt) = 31

Beta #2 (10dp6dt) = 87

Yay! That’s approximately a 48 hour doubling time, which is amazing.

I have another beta on Monday (14dp6dt).

Symptoms today:

Super super super ITCHY eyes. It is driving me absolutely mad. I’ve never had allergies and now I get why people with allergies are driven mad by them! My eyes are burning and swollen and so god damn itchy. If it doesn’t stop, I’m going to the doctors to get some safe antihistamines.

Today I had some stabbing pains in my pelvic region and for a second I thought it was all over, but I haven’t had any more bleeding today.

I also told my family and close friends today. 

I’m in a rush to finish this post as Scarlett is super tired. 

But yay for positive betas!


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