Not much has changed as of today. I’m thinking after today I’ll stop updating everyday as I’m pretty much repeating myself daily now πŸ˜„

I did a test today and the line is definitely darker than it was yesterday!



These tests are getting gross! They stink so bad. I just don’t want to throw them out yet because I want to see line progression! I may cut down to testing every second day from now on. So I’ll skip tomorrow and test Thursday. 

My boobs are weird. They didn’t hurt all day but about an hour before bedtime they started to get tender again. Now they are feeling pretty sore. Well, when I say they, I mean my left boob. My right one is fine!

I don’t have any nausea or sick feeling, I feel exactly how I felt with Scarlett. Which is bloated…. that’s it.

I don’t actually even feel super tired. 


I should be tired because it seems the last 3 nights I have woken up in the middle of the night and not been able to fall asleep again. Literally. I will lie awake for up to an hour at a time and feel completely refreshed! Obviously I know that I’m not because I’ve only been asleep for 3-4 hours, but then eventually I go back to sleep and I’m SOOOOOO tired when I wake up. But as soon as I’m up, I feel fine again.

Really weird.

Anyway! I’ll update again when I get my next Beta result (hopefully Thursday!).

Xx ❀️


5 thoughts on “8dp6dt

  1. Daily posts are good! Even if they are repetitive, we can see progression and make sure everything is still going ok!! Definitely much darker today!! Hoping that the Beta has the answers you want!!! Hoping and praying for you!! 😘😘

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