So as if my clinic knew I was going to go against their advice, I got a call from one of the nurses this morning. 

She asked how I was going, so I told her about the bleeding and stabbing pains. I told her that the bleeding has continued on and off and can range in colour from pink to red to brown.

She told me she would speak to my doctor and get back to me. About half an hour later, I got a call from her asking me to go to my blood test early. So I did. 

Because Scarlett had her mini maestros music class this morning, I had to go after it was done, so the blood wasn’t taken until about 12:10pm. I was sure I wasn’t going to get the test results back today.

I’ll get back to those in a minute because I’ve skipped a few things:

So I woke up and took my test as usual, and it is getting darker for sure.

This is the ‘fresh’ comparisons:

This is the dry/fresh:

In either photo, I see progression so I’m happy.

The bleeding this morning was red watery blood. It stopped, then came back about 1pm ish. Then stopped, then when I wiped about half an hour ago it was brown, but still there.

I have a new symptom which is weird. It’s not something I ever had with Scarlett. Sore boobs. They feel tender!! It’s such a strange sensation. I know it could totally be my progesterone, but they are absolutely tender.

I think my illness has cleared up because I haven’t had any stomach upsets, I don’t feel dizzy anymore, I don’t feel sick or like I’m going to vomit. Thank god!

So, now that’s done, back to the beta.

I still hadn’t heard at 4:45pm so I called the clinic. A nurse told me she would follow it up and let me know.

She rang about 30 minutes ago. She said the beta is positive but it is still very early.

Beta #1 = 31

Which I don’t think is bad. Especially since it’s a week early. She said that if I had have had the test next Monday, they would want it over 200. So if I work it out, If it’s 31 today, it should be about 62 by Wednesday, 124 by Friday and 248 by Sunday. That’s IF everything works out. And if I got that number as my first beta, the clinic would be very happy!

They want me to go back in on Thursday though. Because if we are closer to the 72 hour doubling time, Thursday will give it a better chance and give me a better result.

I’ll update again tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “7dp6dt

  1. My fingers are still crossed for you; Seems positive though! And that is definitely a progressive line aswell. Hugs – I’m sure you will be very worried over the next couple of days, but try to stay calm – and be nice to yourself! xxx

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