The nausea seems to have settled down today. The stomach upsets aren’t as bad. And I don’t feel like my head is on fire anymore. So perhaps I’m getting slightly better?

Anyway, I forgot to pee when I first got up this morning. I’m not sure how I forgot, but I did.

So I waited a few more hours and did a test… well, actually, I did two.

I decided to try a digital because I wasn’t sure if I was just going crazy and imagining two lines.

This is the result from the normal test:

That’s not edited, and I feel like I can see it without editing now. It’s definitely darker from yesterday, but still a squinter. I’ll show a comparison picture:

Remembering the 10dpo test is darker today because it is dry.

Funnily enough, I compared the pregnancy tests at the same point with Scarlett and the line is pretty much exactly the same.

This is the digital test result:

No denying that!

The spotting has stopped… for now. I’m always scared to say it’s completely stopped because that makes me feel like I’m cursing myself. But there was no blood or spotting this morning. 

I’ll update again tomorrow! 😊

(How exciting though, IM PREGNANT!!)


8 thoughts on “5dp6dt

    1. I know! I’m still scared though. The embryologist did say that because it was slow to start, it may just stop growing. I guess you have that possibility with all pregnancies but for the embryologist to tell me that, sort of made it real. So I can’t get too excited until I see a heartbeat, and then until I’m 13 weeks. Then I’ll relax (a little 😄😄). Xx


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