Today I woke up to major pains in my stomach. Way too high to be my uterus, and holy crap it was painful.

Turns out, gaaasssss. So tmi, but there was lots of it and ew.

Also, the nausea has kicked up a notch. I think it’s the flu or a virus or something along those lines. Yesterday, it didn’t quite feel like I was going to vomit, but moreso that my throat burned- like the feeling you get when you might vomit soon.

Well, today it felt like I was going to vomit. Plus, I can’t even turn my head without the world spinning.

And also, I sort of passed out in the shower. One minute I was washing my hair, the next minute I was looking up at the ceiling. It was just as if I blinked though, and suddenly I was on the floor. My mum made a comment when I came out that I ‘took so long to shower today’. I don’t know how long I was in there but I didnt feel like it was any longer than usual.

My uterus feels full. And when I sneeze, it’s like a cord gets pulled there and it’s really painful.

You know, I remember feeling like this before. The exact symptoms, and it was after my first IUI.

I got a positive test at 12dpo, but by 15dpo it was negative. The doctor told me it was a chemical, but the exact same symptoms I had with that I’m experiencing now.

I did another test today, negative. Today would technically be 9dpo, so I’m getting nervous! With Scarlett, I got a faint positive on 5dp5dt. Which would be 10dpo. Which would technically be tomorrow.

I’ve heard frosties can be slower implanters, and I’ve seen a lot of people get positives for 6 day transfers between 6dpt and 8dpt. 

So I’ll test again tomorrow with the hope of a positive result! Come on 2 pink lines!!!


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