With Scarlett I never really kept a record of the 2ww in one place, which is weird, because I was constantly symptom spotting. For that reason, this time I’ll be doing (hopefully) daily updates!

I don’t know how many times I have wanted to remember something and all I had to do was look back at my old blogs. So here we are!

Today I haven’t had much of anything except OH MY GOD I FEEL SICK.

I can’t even explain it though. I was fine this morning and it only started at about 12pm.

I would love to blame the estrogen or progesterone but I have been on both of them for over a week now so why would the symptoms just come up?

I’m not stupid enough to believe these are pregnancy symptoms, but I feel like I’m going to barf, well, not quite. I feel drained. Like I have no energy. I can’t stand up for too long or the room spins.

I just feel off. 

To be fair, I didn’t have the best diet yesterday so maybe it’s a food related thing. Who knows!

To torture myself, I took a HPT. Negative, obviously!

I haven’t had any cramps or pains. No implantation bleeding. But I know it’s early so I’m not counting myself out yet!

I’ll update tomorrow!


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