Transfer done!

So today was transfer day. I was expected to be in the clinic at 2:15pm, then I was going to see the embryologist at 2:25pm, then the transfer was booked for 2:45pm.

All of Sunday I was freaking out. I kept thinking about the worst case scenarios and we all know that’s never a good idea before a transfer.

Which leads me to this morning.

Scarlett had a rough night last night. She was up for about 3 hours and then woke up every 20-40 minutes once she fell back asleep. My mum heard her a few times and grabbed her from me this morning so I could have some sleep before the transfer.

I slept until 9am!!! What a beautiful day this was going to be… until reality hit that today was transfer day.

Cue the freak out.

I still got ready as usual and prepared everything for Scarlett since she was staying in care with my mum today.

It got to 1:15pm, which is the time I was supposed to leave to go to the clinic, but I stayed sitting on the chair. 

I knew my clinic warmed the embryos 2 hours before transfer, which gave them an hour and a bit to recover. 

I fully expected a call saying the embryo had arrested.

It got to 1:25pm and I decided I needed to leave, otherwise I would be late, that’s if they didn’t ring me on the way to tell me to turn around and go back home.

I got to the clinic feeling hopeful since I didn’t receive a call.

Until the embryologist came out, called me into a room and asked if someone had already called me this morning.

My heart sank. 

I told her no, so she got me to confirm my name and date of birth.

She then told me they warmed my embryo and everything looked great!

So it is still a 6 day hatching blastocyst. During the thaw, it maintained 95% of it cells, which is amazing!

It was re-expanding and showed signs of growth, which is what they are looking for in a thawed embryo. 

They told me that it only has a 10-15% chance of working.

This disappointed me a little.

They said that because it has been on ice, and because it is a day 6 hatching blast instead of a day 5 hatching blast, it lowers success rates.

It has a 5BB grade, which is apparently ‘fine’. 

They also gave me a photo, I’ll attach it down the bottom.

The transfer went smoothly and I was on my way home.

I then had a reflexology appointment at 6, so after a short stay at home, I left again.

Once I got back home, I started feeling a little sick. As in, I felt like I was going to be sick, and if I stood for too long I felt like I was going to pass out.

I know this has nothing to do with the embryo, but I really hope I’m not getting the flu or something! That would be the worst.

Anyway, beta HCG test is 2 weeks away (yes, they made me wait the full 14 days!), but I’ll probably cheat sooner than that. 

I’m not holding any expectations but I really really really hope this works!

Talk soon! X

You can see it starting to hatch in the bottom left hand corner 😊

6 thoughts on “Transfer done!

    1. Thanks so much lovely. I know there is still a chance and I’m doing everything I can to stay positive. I’m feeling much better today, as in, I don’t feel like I’m going to vomit, but my nose is so blocked! I think it was my body’s way of telling me ‘you’re going to wake up with a cold!’.
      I’m just going to do what I did with Scarlett and use my crystals and meditation and positive thoughts to try get me through. And if not, fresh cycle here we come!
      I got a very very faint positive with Scarlett 5dp5dt, which would be 4dp6dt this time. I’m going to try to hold out as long as I can with the pee sticks, but let’s be honest, I’m a little obsessed with them!! I would love to hold out until 6dp6dt, because that will probably give me an accurate result… hopefully. And it’s only 5 more days away so who knows! Maybe I’ll find the will power 😄😄


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