I met a little girl today…

Today I had a really freaky experience that I want to share. I think I met a child psychic…

I had a reflexology appointment this morning in preparation for my upcoming FET cycle.
Obviously my reflexologist specialised in fertility- that is literally all she does, so when you walk into her waiting room to find a mother there with a little girl who was waiting to see her, I knew exactly why she was there.

My reflexologist was running late due to 3 late patients, so she offered to reschedule me. I declined and told her I was happy to wait.

Since we were both waiting, the lady and I were chatting. We were sharing stories about how we had our daughters, how we conceived them and what they are like now they are here.

Turns out, we were both trying for our second baby. 

Up until this point, the little girl was asleep, but she soon woke up and decided that she was going to be the centre of attention.

This little girl was truely wonderful. She had this gorgeous blonde hair, these bright green eyes, and such fair skin. She was like a little angel. 

She told me she was 4 years old, and that she was going to kindergarten this year. She told me that her mummy was going to have a little boy and she would be a big sister.

Then she walked over to me and squeezed my hands. She leaned into me and started to whisper in my ear. She told me that she knows that Brenda (the reflexologist) was going to make me a baby girl and that then I would have two baby girls.

I found it strange that she knew I had a girl, since Scarlett wasn’t with me and when I told her mum I had a 14 month old girl, this little girl was fast asleep. But the little girl kept whispering.

She told me this baby was going to have the same eyes as my other baby girl and that I was going to name her one of two names.

She told me that she had two favourite names and that I was going to pick one of them. She told me one of her favourite names was her name.

I asked what her name was, and she said ‘Ariel’.

I asked her what was the other name that I liked, and she looked at me and she said ‘you like the name Sadie’.


I have hardly told anyone about my love of the name Sadie. Plus Ariel? 

I can tell everyone it’s not a name I considered before, but the more I think about it, the more I really like it.

Of course, it could be a freaky lucky guess as Sadie is becoming a more popular name, but even still. Creepy!


3 thoughts on “I met a little girl today…

    1. She was so wonderful. You know those little kids you meet that just melt your soul, and you just know that they are special? I think she was one of them. Very creepy that she guessed one of the names I was super keen on. I was half expecting the other name to be Chelsea, but Ariel is very nice too. The thing with Ariel is that my mum has so much trouble pronouncing it. Instead of ‘air-e-el’ she pronounces it ‘ar-i-al’. So unless that changes, it won’t be Ariel, no matter how much I love the name.
      Plus, it may be a boy, or it may not happen at all!
      Cycle day 1 is here today though, so we will know soon enough! I’m just about to jump on over to read your posts, I got the notification you posted but haven’t had time to read it! I hope you’re doing well and everything went okay! I’ll look now 🙂 xx


      1. Yep! I know those kind! It’s such a nice experience because kids are so pure and innocent, they haven’t been tainted by the world around them yet! You’re right, Ariel is a bit of a tricky one to wrap your tongue around. And true! This little frozen one could be a boy! Oooo how exciting! Day 1 ! Good luck with everything lovely. Can’t wait to follow along with this journey 🙂 xx


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