11 months

Scarlett turned 11 months old a few days ago. She’s about to wake up so I must type this quickly:

-sleep has been a nightmare! She has completely regressed and is now waking every 15 minutes! It’s only to put the dummy back in or for me to pat her lightly, but it still leaves me completely exhausted during the day.

-she has 1 tooth

-she can now say ‘meow’, ‘woof’ (although sometimes this comes out as more of a grunt than a word! But most times she will pronounce the w), ‘bye’, ‘more’, ‘mum’, ‘nana’…. I think that’s all…. I still swear that sometimes she tries to say ‘brother rolls’ (our cat), but I’m not confident enough to declare it an offical word yet

-Scarlett can point out her ear, nose and eyes

-Scarlett can point out a light, the sky, a tree, a cat, a dog (although sometimes she gets these confused- I think it’s the fact that she thinks little dogs are cats and big dogs are dogs), mum, nana and auntie Bethany in a photo

-Scarlett can’t stand on her own yet but is constantly cruising around furniture

-Scarlett’s hair is getting so thick! It also looks like it has a wave to it (I have curly hair and the sperm donor has straight/wavy hair so it will be interesting to see what it turns out like. I have brown hair and his is blonde, but hers is a brownish-red colour that sometimes looks blonde in the sun)

-Scarlett always sleeps sideways now and still sleeps with me

-Scarlett is getting much better with identifying people and trusting them. She’s still got a lot of stranger danger though

-we do a mini maestros class (baby music lessons) once a week. After four futile attempts of 45 minutes of screaming, we decided not to go back to swimming lessons again. I’ll put it off until she’s a bit older. But she loves her mini maestros class!

-Scarlett is always pointing to things and wanting to know what we are doing and what something is. If she has seen something before that she recognises she will make a happy squeal and point to it, otherwise she will point and grunt, as if to say ‘what’s that’. I spend the vast majority of my day pointing things out to her.

-Scarlett throws huge hissy fits now. She will lie down on the ground and hit herself if she doesn’t get her way or if I’ve moved her off a step or if she decides she wants a blanket that I have and I haven’t given it to her immediately. I rang her doctor and she said the hitting is normal as long as she is reaching her other milestones (apparently if she wasn’t it could be an early indicator for autism). I took her down for a check and the doctor was very happy with her and said she isn’t concerned at this point in time, and said she was even advanced with her talking

-I can not cook without Scarlett needing to see. If I don’t pick her up she throws a hissy fit like mentioned above. 

-we have had a few falls this month. She is getting more brave on her feet and is always trying new things. She tried to pull herself up on a glass door and ended up falling head first into it. But I know this is part of the learning curve so I’m accepting it and grateful we haven’t drawn any blood yet!!

-Scarlett is wearing either a size 1 (12-18 months) or a size 2 (18-24 months). I don’t know how tall she is or how much she weighs, but she is a tall girl! The size ones hardly fit her in length but the 2’s are really baggy around her middle. This is especially bad with pants. I’m finding the ones are too short and the 2’s are the perfect length, but the twos are so big around the waist! Let’s just say target has been my saviour because they seem to be the only clothing retailer in Melbourne that make kids clothing with adjustable waists! 

I can’t think of anything else at this point so I’ll leave you with some photos 😊

But seriously, 11 months guys!! When did that happen? I’m not sure I’m ready to accept that my baby is almost 1 year old!!


6 thoughts on “11 months

    1. Oh wow!! I have never heard of them but now that I have looked them up, I need to have one made for her! She would absolutely love it (and it would save my back!). Thank you so much for the recommendation! 🙂 X


  1. Crazy!! Birthday time soon! Her hair is definitely so dark now!! I love that little kitchen set up – so cute! Hopefully she outgrows the tantrums soon for your sanity sake hahaha. Much love x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! I’m shocked, when did that happen? She was just born like, 3 days ago. Lol! I have a feeling the tantrums are here to stay for a while, she has always had a bit of an attitude so I’m just preparing myself for the worst! Xx


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