Decision time…

As we know, lately I have been considering having a second child. I have been weighing the pros and cons and seriously thinking about both ways.

I thought I had until October to decide, but a few days ago I received a letter from my fertility clinic explaining that they are changing the way that they store embryos. Not in the typical sense of where they are storing them, but in terms of how people pay to have them stored. 

It was only 2 months ago that I paid my money to have my embryo stored for another 6 months. This would have brought me to October, and would have fit perfectly in the window of not having to pay another fee for storage if I were to use it. The storage fee at my clinic is standard for all embryos, meaning I could have 1 or I could have 100 frozen and it would be the same cost.

For 6 months I paid close to $400. Now my clinic is changing it so that embryos need to be stored for a full year, and the total cost of the year of storage is $950. Which means I need to pay another $450ish.

The money doesn’t worry me at all. What I found really interesting was my reaction to the letter.

I opened it and as I was reading, there was no question in my mind as to if I was going to pay or not. Later, when I told my mum of the increase in fees and the excess storage time, she said to me ‘well are you considering getting rid of the embryo?’. My answer was immediate- ‘no, I’m not’.

After considering it for a few more days, I think I’ve come to a decision.

I’m going to throw everything into the frozen embryo. All my vitamins and crystals and reflexology and meditation, just to give it the best chance of working. If that doesn’t work, I will try 1 cycle of IVF. 

I don’t think I have the money or energy to do any more cycles after that. So if it doesn’t work after the FET and 1 IVF cycle, then I will probably be done.

But, what I have come to realise is that despite all the cons, I do want a second baby. I want a sibling for Scarlett and I want her to have another family member.

I’m also very excited for October now.

Talk soon! X


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