Holy s**t, it’s a go!

After more discussions today with my mum, she gave me the all clear to go ahead with trying for number two.

I’m in shock! I’m excited and nervous and so happy all rolled up into one!

I still don’t know if I’m going to go through with it. The great thing about thinking about it this early is that I have a lot of time to make a decision.

If I did start trying, it wouldn’t be until at least November of this year, possibly later. Which means (if it worked first time round), that Scarlett would be just over 2 years old by the time the second baby would be born. 2 years is a pretty good gap I think. 

Guys, this could happen! I’m so excited!!


15 thoughts on “Holy s**t, it’s a go!

      1. I have been asked the same thing from my other smc friends, and I have to be honest. I’m very accustomed to splitting household & childrearing responsibilities with someone, and I still find it hard at times. If you didn’t have your mum to help out it would be much different, I think. Then again, it totally depends on your kids too, and their temperaments. I’m thankful in a way for the long road to getting pregnant with baby #2, because it meant my first child was much more self sufficient than if we had been lucky back when we first started trying. That being said, you will find a way to make it work. You just will. You’ll be exhausted, no doubt, but it’s a worthwhile sacrifice if it’s something you really want.

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      2. That is very true and some good points. I just figure that even if I go through a year or two of complete exhaustion, eventually that will end and all the fun stuff will happen. That said, my mum will still help out a lot, I’m sure. She is great like that. 🙂

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      3. Yeah exactly, it shouldn’t last too long. As you recall, you felt much different 7-8 months in than you did at the beginning. It gets easier (or we just get a little more confident) as time goes on.

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      4. We’re doing well, we’re just very busy all the time it seems. We finally sold our house and are in the process of buying our new one. The girls are great together, and I did the happy sleeper sleep training with K recently and she really responded well, so I’m now getting more “me” time again.

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  1. wooohooo about mum being on your side!! I am glad for you!! You’re a great mum – and big families are the best! Even if you dont start till end of the year – it must be a relief knowing you have time to plan, get things organised and preparation ready for when you do start.

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    1. Yeah it makes me feel really happy knowing she will support me through it. Now it almost doesn’t seem real! It’s gone from an idea to a possible actual baby. But I am excited. I don’t even know where to start with these things!

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      1. Maybe just start with a simple call to your doctor,, they may want to check that everything on the inside is good to go! Plus get you started on pre natal supplements etc too.

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