Remember how Scarlett was sick? Remember the ear and chest infection that she was on antibiotics for? Remember how she was sick for almost 4 weeks before they allowed her to have any antibiotics in the first place?

Well, now everything is worse.

Scarlett had 5 days of antibiotics and by the fourth day, she was almost 100% back to normal. The day after she finished them she was still clingy and extra tired (although she still fought sleep!), but otherwise fine. No cough. No temperature. No runny nose. No tugging at her ear.

Since she was fine, I booked in for us to have our flu vaccines for tonight.

Well, three days ago (about two days after the finished the antibiotics) she started having a sniffly nose again. Two days ago she started having a cough. Except, this time, it was a little bit different.

Yes it was constant and yes it was chesty, but it had a different sound. It was like she was barking or wheezing.

I called the doctor and he said that it would just be the old cough leaving her system and not to worry about it until she developed a temperature with it.

That night, she developed a temperature. I called again. The doctor told me to give panadol and see if it went down, if it did, she probably just needed more antibiotics, if not, she needed to be seen again.

It went down so I didn’t worry about it. 

Then yesterday morning she vomited. Not once, not twice, but four times. I called the doctor and he agreed that she needed to be seen again since the temperature was still there (the panadol had worn off by that stage).

So the doctor came back out, except it was a different one again.

He checked her ears, yes, they were still infected. Yes, I say THEY because BOTH are now infected.

He then looked at her and started to examine her, then suddenly stopped. Then he just listened with his ear really close to her mouth. 

This went on for probably a minute before he looked up and said ‘That’s a Stridor, she has croup’.

Well fuck.

He also said he thinks she’s getting a tooth because her gum is very lumpy on the right side.

I took her to the hospital and they checked her before telling us we could take her home under strict observation. 

So that’s where we are at now.

Holy moley. Poor baby girl!  


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