9 months

2 days ago Scarlett turned 9 months old. I’m just… I can’t deal. I say it ALL the time but WHY IS THIS GOING SO FAST?!

The last month has brought us a lot. Literally the day after Scarlett turned 8 months, she started crawling. Slow at first, but within about 3 days she was off like lightening!

Scarlett is also pulling herself up to her knees. She hasn’t quite figured out how to fully pull herself up to her feet yet, but will walk along things if you stand her up.

Nothing much has changed on the talking front. Scarlett has been sick so the has had a dummy in her mouth A LOT. More than I would like, but she’s just so miserable and I just want to give her as much comfort items as possible until she gets over this.

Scarlett has ALMOST grown out of size 0 (6-12 months). If I’m honest, I probably should have pulled out the size 1’s about 2 weeks ago, but I’m trying to stretch the 0’s out as much as I can. 

I don’t know how much she weighs or how tall she is.

This may be strange, but Scarlett’s eyes are changing. Scarlett was born with blue eyes that were all one colour. Within about 2 months the inside lightened up and she was left with a dark ring around the outside. Well, over the last 2 ish months that ring is fading more and more. It’s still there, but not as prominent as it was before. I didn’t realise their eyes could stay the same then change suddenly.

I am in full party plan mode for Scarlett’s 1st birthday. I made this ‘face in a hole’ thing the other day. Obviously the theme of the party is ‘cats’.

Scarlett waves bye and claps her hands all the time now. 

She is eating nothing but chunky food including sandwiches, croutons, whole vegetables, pasta, fruits etc.

I think that’s all. I can’t remember anything else πŸ˜„

Talk soon! X



6 thoughts on “9 months

    1. I know! It’s crazy how fast things change! I didn’t know that about eye colour. I think Scarlett will always have blue eyes, it’s just the shade that will change. If her eyes continue on the path they are going now, she won’t have a dark blue ring around the edge 😦 But that’s okay, I’ll love her eyes either way 😊


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