So after 5 weeks of Scarlett being sick, I decided I’d had enough.

Her nose was still running (bright green too!), she still had a chesty cough, she still has the occasional temperature, she’s still overly clingy, she still isn’t sleeping properly and she STILL has more bad days than good days.

Today she woke up and vomited three times before 8am. My normal doctor couldn’t get me in with Her until after 7pm, so I decided to save the trip and call the doctor out to my house again.

Well this one was MUCH better than the last two. Don’t get me wrong, they are great doctors and are all very nice, but each doctor just kept telling me she had a viral infection and it would pass.

This doctor straight away said that if a sickness has gone on for more than 3 weeks without getting better and without antibiotics, then it’s likely NOT a viral infection and actually bacterial. Meaning, Scarlett needs antibiotics.

Guess what she has?


Seriously, the last doctor said her ear was a ‘bit’ red but told me it would pass. At that point, wouldn’t you have prescribed antibiotics? Especially knowing that she had already been sick for 3 weeks.

Oh well. She has them now and hopefully she will get better soon.

Talk soon! X


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