Easter and update!

Yesterday was Scarlett’s first Easter. She’s still too young to eat chocolate so we celebrated with carrots (the next best thing, right?).

We had a pretty relaxing Easter. I work every public holiday so I worked, then we spent the rest of the day with family.

There’s not much to say other than that. 

I figured out what was wrong with WordPress and why it wouldn’t let me upload photos- I had maxed out the space of a free account! So just now I went on a deleting spree.

Here’s some photos, as I promised 🙂 sorry that you haven’t seen Scarlett in just over 2 months. Oops!

Talk soon! X




1 thought on “Easter and update!

  1. Aw shes so cute! Annoying wordpress! – I always have to resize my uploads before I put them up; when I upload photos anyway! – i make the files tiny so it doesnt fill up hahaha!


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